Sooooo…. As I’ve mentioned in pervious posts, I am on maternity leave and doing a lot of Ebaying to bring in some extra money and ensure that our home does not become over run by clothes and baby stuff which we are no longer using.
I have sold quite a bit so far with reasonable profit and good feedback so it has been pretty trouble free apart from an issue with selling one fridge twice and then sending the hubster over to deepest darkest Birkenhead to give the man a refund. Mr L did not fancy getting into a row about what exactly was owed so we probably have back more than was paid initially but happily he still has the use of all limbs so can’t complain really.
Not my finest hour.
Anyway- I checked my feedback today and had my first ever negative post. As soon as I saw it my back was up.
Who in Gods name is daring to sully my 100% feedback record? Now down to 90.9%. Devo’ed.
Was too annoyed to let the little red minus sign out of my head so clicked on it for details;
Blinking back at me was the following comment;
“Not as described. Horrible.”
Um- I’m sorry- what?!
Now you may be wondering what the item in question was.
Obviously for someone to be that annoyed they must have paid a bit of money to be so disappointed with the quality.
The item in question was a bundle of newborn clothes, 11 items in all which I described in absolutely anal detail including 8 pictures. Count ’em-, EIGHT.
Oooh- how much did that bundle rake in?
99 frigging pence. Are you fucking kidding me. Get a life.
This basically works out as less than 9p per item.
Now, what I should have done, is just thought to myself ‘what a dick’, and then carried on with my very exciting and grown up life.
What I actually did was email the penny pinching little twit to ask what the issue was.
She responded within seconds to say…
“Just not what I expected I wouldn’t sell them to anyone fair enough I only popped in last minute to bid and paid like 99p but I don’t think you should have actually put them on there in the bin .. Thanks anyway.”
To say I am shocked is an understatement.
Hummm- do I respond with my teacher head on to advise her of the incredibly poor grammar and punctuation in her speedily composed message?
Should I mention that what she has written makes little/no sense because of her lack of comprehension of the basic rules of the English language?
Do I go so far as to direct her to Amazon and the category entitled English for dummies?!
Nooo- what I actually do (because I am so mature) is simply reply;
Thought that would be the end of it. Wrong again Leary!!
“Wow? That’s exactly how I felt when I opened the parcel :)”
Aargh. I hope you choke on your abacus beads you tight ass.
Right. Lets go through the facts of the case again shall we?!
1) You are looking on eBay for second hand clothing bundles.
2) You could look through the description and the pictures.
3) You bid 99p and win the whole 11 items
4) I have to post the whole bundle all the way to SCOTLAND.
5) You have the audacity to complain about the quality of what arrives even though it is all exactly as described and photographed.
6) I make a loss after factoring in listings and postage.
Complaining in these circumstances is like being shocked you are eating pony hooves when you’ve purchased Asda basics lasagne.
I am now scheming how I can purchase something from her and then make an unnecessary and unjustified complaint. I need to get out more (and not just to Rhyme Time!!)
Unbelievable!! TFI Friday peeps! Have a lovely week end. Xxx

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  1. Jo
    Jo says:

    Oh I know only too well what you’re feeling!! I run a bed and breakfast and every now and again we get an unfair/stupid review on one of the booking sites, I’m fuming for days!! I think some people have really sad lives and crap jobs and being able to give someone a negative comment makes them feel a bit more powerful and important!! don’t dwell on it…..just send her a copy of your blog!

      • Jo
        Jo says:

        It’s in Bebington (rather imaginatively named the Bebington Hotel) We are very happy to cater for families as we have a three year old who runs about the place and calls everyone one he sees ‘arrivals.’ As I type this he is running around in his Spider-Man outfit trying to shoot people with his foam rocket launcher!! Hmm now in hind site maybe some of those reviews were fair!
        (In case you’re wondering, I found your blog via a friend, Kate Bell, who’s son goes to the same school as our son!)

  2. kelly
    kelly says:

    I had a negative feedback the other day and it is sooooooo annoying. I was literally churning all day about it! Especially when it is unjustified. I would send her that list of six grievances to her and let her churn all day instead then buy something from her and give a bad feedback. Oooh am i just bitter and twisted??

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Yes Kelly- you are bitter and twisted but no more so than me!!! I was spitting chips.
      Totally over it now of course and have not spent my day thinking mean and evil thoughts towards her at all!!


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