Since we had Baby A’s op on Friday I am hoping that this will be the last occasion I write a post like this…
Popped into Tesco last week with both babies. Both wearing pink btw!
An elderly couple stopped to look at the girls, ask me how old they were etc. I told them and we got talking- as you do when you are in a rush to get to Rhyme Time and you meet people you don’t know in the veg aisle.
The gentleman (let’s call him Walter) said to his wife (let’s call her Enid) LOOK. ISN’T HER EYE AWFUL UNSIGHTLY. (This isn’t a mistake, he had two hearing aids so was shouting!!)
Enid replied that yes, her eye did look dreadful, the crust made it look quite sore. Ah- cheers!
She was saying it in such a nice voice I couldn’t say anything mean. I told them about the op and- turns out Frank, their son had just the same. Got it sorted in the eye hospital no drama.
I carry on walking and get to the end of the aisle at which point Walt and Enid only bump into Marg and Alf. (Old friends, known each other for years, their girl Barbra went to school with Frank)
Alf comes over- oh yeah, poor lad. LAD?!? I’m sure he’ll be just fine. Franks had no worries has ‘e!!
We are now in tandem and go down the aisles within a few steps of each other. Brilliant, this isn’t awkward at all.
Just as I get to the panty liner and other womeny stuff which no doubt the girls will be picking up and throwing about in years to come, Enid stops and turns to me- I meant to tell you; ‘She’ll be fine, it’ll be you with your heart breaking as they take her down for the op.’ Bless old people, they aren’t all bad.
I say thanks and bye. As I am walking away I hear Walter. HEY E- SHALL I PICK UP SOME MORE OF THAT FEMMY FRESH STUFF FOR YOU LOVE?!
I nearly did a little bit of wee!!

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