Evening All.
I hope that you’ve had a lovely day, it’s been absolutely gorgeous here- could summer be making an appearance at last?
Anyway- in celebration of Healthy Eating Week (and the fact that we have a family party in 19 days, and the fact that I foolishly weighed myself at the spa yesterday) I am detoxing.
Today I have only had one cup of tea, loads of water AND, I swapped my regular chocolate biscuits for oatmeal and raisin ones. Yey me. I have also started going to Bootcamp and bought 6 personal training sessions through The Big Daily Deal Company.
I am expecting big things!
The next step I suppose will be actually contacting the personal trainer.
My main priority is to lose the blancmange belly so I don’t need to consider support underwear every time I go out…and…I’m still contemplating the Wirral Half Marathon which is only 4 1/2 months away. Am I totally mad?? Anyone fancy joining me?

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