Evening all.
What a gorgeous gorgeous day we have had hey. A perfect day for dining out you might say. Today family Leary have darkened the doors of The Devon Doorway, Gayton.
When we used to live daaaan saaaf, I used to be genuinely excited to see the Devon Doorway knowing that I was nearly home.
Dining with a dog, outlaws and two ankle-biters you need afew things;
A good kids menu,
A good wine list and,
Speedy service.
Two out of three ain’t bad.
I had the amazing foresight to check the menu online and order baby A’s lunch so it was ready on our arrival.
This proved useful as the service was pretty tardy.
The staff were very attentive on our arrival providing the dog with water and us with menus and the nibbles that I’d ordered over the phone- sometimes I really do surprise myself with my bright ideas!
However, the drinks took a long time to arrive and though the waitress came back quickly for our order, when we asked for a little more time she didn’t return for quite sometime. Thankfully the weather was beautiful, the girls were asleep so we were not in any major hurry. If they’d been awake and grouchy I would have been very jumpy and it would have spoilt my dining experience- yeah, that’s right, I’m calling it a dining experience. I am a bonafide idiot.
Sooo- we had;
Asparagus with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce (£6.25)
Roasted Mushrooms with cream and white wine sauce and crusty bread (£5.25)
Mine was the asparagus. If I was going to be critical- which I am- I’d say that the egg wasn’t brilliantly presented. It tasted beautiful though and was a generous size.
2 Sunday Roast Beef (£13.95)
1 Roast Lamb with apricot stuffing (£16.95)
1 Grilled Salmon Fillet with a green salad (£13.50)
1 children’s risotto balls and tomato salsa. This should have come with a carton of cracker juice but for some reason didn’t. I didn’t realise this until afterwards so didn’t challenge it. Annoying. (£5.95)
Mr L’s candid views are as follows….
The roast was pretty good but the Yorkshire pudding wasn’t as good as it looked and there weren’t enough roasties.
Also (back to me!) the menu says roasts are served with seasonal veg. Call me picky but I wouldn’t say that red cabbage and swede and carrot mash scream summer?
The risotto balls went down a storm and the salsa had a bit of a kick.
My salmon was excellent. Moist with a crispy skin. Yum.
Nothing on the menu massively appealed to me to be honest but Mr L and his pa had Rhubarb and custard Eton mess. Sounds grim, didn’t look amazing. In my view you shouldn’t mess with a good old fashioned Eton mess but, as they have I might as well tell you what the husband thought of it-
Myeh- (screwed up face) it was alright but not amazing. Totally not worth the wait.
Our waitress was lovely and I thought I recognised her so I asked her where she went to school. I reckoned she was a few years younger than me.

what school did you go to?

West Kirby.

I thought so, I think I recognise you.

Were you a teacher there?
WTF- How old do I look- I thought that she was about 3 years younger than me. How OLD are we. Gutted is not the word! She was 18 for crying out loud. I am 100.
Long and short of it- lovely place, very nicely decorated. Ideal for chilled out drinks with friends, sharing plates and lazy lunches. Not ideal if you are clock watching.
Family friendly- I would say so but the slow service could be a killer. They didn’t seem to have any little activity bags or anything for children so take stuff to keep them occupied.
Mother in law described the toilets as posh which can only be a positive.
Bill, including drinks and tips- £140.00. (For 4 adults and a child)
So, dear reader, where should I go next week? Suggestions please… XxxX

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