Afternoon ladies and gents.
I hope that you are well and happy and looking forward to a great Fathers Day weekend.
Just wanted to let you all know that I had an utter nightmare in Tesco yesterday. Baby B was crying her head off. Real, red in the face, wailing- you know the sort of thing.
I couldn’t pick her up, control the trolley, get the stuff that I needed and ensure that Baba A was content too so I just had to try to keep calm and carry on.
I lost count of the number of people that gave me the big eyes, made statements like;

She certainly knows how to make herself heard.

She’s got a temper

For someone so little she can make a real racket

You’ve got your hands full and so on.

Added to this it was absolutely tipping it down and 2 women that I saw had parked in the mother and baby parking without any kids. Annoyed is not the word.
Now, I could focus on the people that made my supermarket trip more fraught, more stressful and generally a pretty grim start to the day.
But I won’t.
Instead, I would like to thank;
-The lady in the milk aisle who obviously saw that I was at the end of my tether, feeling as though I had a neon sign above my head reading ‘MUM NOT COPING’. She touched my arm, asked if I was ok and said.
‘Don’t worry. We’ve all been there.’
I thought that was so kind of her and I was really touched she bothered to say something.
-The lady on the till who offered to pack all of my shopping so I could pick up the baby and try to soothe her. She did all the scanning whilst talking to Baba A so she was entertained too.
-The lady who stopped to help me pack up the pram in the car park. It was absolutely lashing it down, she had her own stuff to do and she still stopped to help.
I was so chuffed that people bothered to help me, it made my dad!
Random acts of kindness are little things that can make you, and others feel warm and happy inside. I think that we need a bit more of this in all of our lives.
I googled the term and it turns out that there is a RAK movement in Liverpool. The website tag line is ‘Its BOSS to be kind’ which in itself makes me smile. Check it out here and friend them on FB (if you like!)
Turns out that Danny Wallace has also written a book called Random acts of Kindness so if it has been awhile since you’ve done anything nice this could give you some hints on where to start- it would be even nicer if you bought it from a charity shop or independent bookshop like Linghams for example ;-).
Of course, you could spend your day stomping around being a right old angry pants if you want but it probably won’t feel quite so fuzzy.
Have a good day now.
Loads of love.
PS- Went to Panoramic last night. Read the review tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    You know what, I’ve been quite grumpy today (wi-fi in hotel is pants and I’m frustrated, which is so ridiculous and so not worth being grumpy about) and this post really made me smile, and realise that actually I’m having a lovely time on holiday and I should be focusing on that. Great post, thanks so much for linking up to #Cheerful xx


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