Today my daughter was, literally, sick in my mouth.
Yep, I have actually had another humans vomit in my mouth!! Grim.
She was sitting on my stomach and I was doing the sort of silly noises and ridiculousness that people do in front of babies and to thank me for my efforts she did a beautiful smile and laugh.
Then she leaned forwards to get closer to my face and vommed in it. ;-o
After that she did a poo sooooo serious it exploded out of the nappy, covered two baby grows and actually even went in her hair. It was a bath job.
Then, after a few quieter hours we braved some chores. Whilst grinning her way around Heswall like an utterly gorgeous show off, she was sick in her hand, down the sling and my top and then- because it was a stealth spew (ie one her idiot mum didn’t clock onto right away) she wiped her sicky fingers in my face!!!
In my actual face.

Oi, ma- we’re both covered in sick here

– is what, I can only presume, she was trying to say.
Returning home after the nursery run we had the usual bath, milk, books, bed routine.
Happily this was also followed by projectile vomit so violent it hit the wall, soaked the cot and both of us (again).
Nothing funny about today dudes!!
Weirdly, I am absolutely not sick of this #%^* and would do the whole shebang again tomorrow in a heartbeat for just one of her toothy grins.
Loads of love.

PS- This time last week life was somewhat different; I was living it up in Malmaison Manchester with my own mum and sister (I will be lobbying for a rerun of this with my girls when they’re old enough).
It was, quite simply amazing. If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, funeral, day ending in a Y. GO.
We sipped champagne, chilled at the spa, dined at the Smoak house and San Carlo and basically acted like rock stars! I was born for that kind of s#%^!!!

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