Obviously there is a very short answer to this which is- continued to act like an utter, utter, narrow minded, bigoted, idiot but, in the interests of trying to write a slightly lengthier blog post I will share with you my own thoughts on Katie Hopkins.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not lacking in opinions myself.
I’ll level with you, I have opinions. I have opinions on nearly everything. If questioned I can often formulate a very strong opinion on anything on the spot- frequently without a thorough knowledge or understanding of the whole issue being discussed. This happens most often when I’m with Chardonnay (obviously the drink, not the person. I would NEVER, EVER stoop so low to make friends with someone called Chardonnay. Even if they were really kind, generous and funny. I just couldn’t allow it).
Most recently Katie has been sharing her views on names with the world/viewers of This Morning. Previously she ha been vocal on benefits, obesity and tattoos.
Check it out here if you haven’t already.
She isn’t wrong, there are plenty of names out there that are just plain wrong; too chavy, too pretentious, too trendy, too stupidly spelt or just too damn weird.
And, she is right in saying that judging people by their names is a massive time saver.
If I am totally honest, I have a whole host of preconceived ideas about what someone with a name of Tarquin might be like (clue- they probably own a deck shoe and some red slacks). What I wouldn’t do however is cut them out of my life before spending some time with them and then having the opportunity to order a step ladder and a portion of humble pie (the step ladder is to allow me to clamber down from my high horse) if he turns out to be a jolly nice chap.
I also have a view on what I think a kid called Jaiyde Kylie Chardonnay might be like- it includes a super tight, super high, super long pony tail and a dance troop on BGT but, there is absolutely no reason why JK (as she likes to be called) wouldn’t also be a really lovely girl who would be a fantastic friend for my girls to have (unless she wanted them to go on BGT too- this is not acceptable!)
To suggest that a certain name makes you either a suitable or unsuitable friend is absolutely bloody ridiculous.
I’m not blaming Katie for her narrow minded foolishness, she isn’t the only person to think this way. (It does however lead me to question however the value of a private education).
Nick Griffin amongst others rejects whole swathes of society on similar narrow criteria.
As she says, It is a time saver.
If you are happy to say that all the problems facing the UK today can be placed squarely at the feet of black people, Asian people, this people, that people, blah, blah, blah, it means that you don’t have to consider what you might have done to contribute to any issues. ‘All the foreigners are taking our jobs’. Hum- could this be because you pissed about at school, didn’t achieve the results you were capable of and which would have afforded you more options? Nope. It’s all because of the immigrants. See- a time saver, well done you.
I’m not suggesting that these are KT’s views btw. (I have shortened her name to KT as I am sure she would absolutely hate this).
The media does similar things all the time. Remember when Madeline McCann went missing how sympathetic the media was. Could this be because she is the child of two doctors and was on a family holiday in a luxury resort rather than a child from an estate whose parents had nipped over the road to the Hungry Horse for a burger (ironically probably made of horse). Of course it could. Does that make it okay? Of course it doesn’t.
I am not sure what Ms Hopkins is planning on doing with all this time she is saving by making snap judgements. Perhaps she will be using it to;
*Apply for more ‘celebrity’ shows despite saying how distasteful she finds it that young people today aspire to become celebrities.
*Shag more married blokes, (perhaps in a field) despite suggesting at every given opportunity that she is, quite simply, a better person than most of us.
*Attempt to become a member of the Tory party. What a shock.
Because I am aware that it is stupid in the extreme to judge a book by its cover I have decided not to judge marriage wrecker KT.
If I was going to, I’d probably say something like;
Katie Hopkins looks like an uptight, emotionally unavailable middle class, magnolia excuse for a woman.
But, as I say, it’s foolish, so I won’t. I have made this wholly rounded judgement having watched her ‘debates’ on YouTube and having read her history on Wikipedia.
Don’t tell me I don’t do my research!
What a div.

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