You know some mornings when you wake up you just know its going to be one of those days.
I got that this morning and this is how it panned out…
*Went to the shops, walked around the shops, got to the till and realised wallet was on sideboard at home.
*Drove home in the pissing rain, got wallet.
*Reversed out of drive, knocked over bin which fell into road.
*Both babies are crying at this point. Hideous.
Drive to toddler group in Neston. Figure out how to get in via hidden stupid ramp and then see the stupid fucking sign to say that the session is off.
Not to worry, go to the park instead.
Bring on the rain. Again.
By this time baba A has a raging temperature and is lethargic to say the least. She is refusing her lunch and looks sinfully miserable.
I decide to go to the sit and wait clinic at the doctors, again. Our eldest baba has been under the weather and not quite herself for over a month now. I can not put my finger on what exactly is wrong but nursery has commented that she isn’t quite her usual self as have friends from rhyme time and family members.
Her ear, nose, throat and chest are all clear, there has been one clear urine test and they are now testing a second, we have an appointment with the paediatric doctor on Friday so hopefully will get some answers then.
So, we head home, Baba B’s nappy has exploded so needs a full change, again. Utter crime scene.
This is done against a backdrop of Baba A wailing.
Baba A has a sleep which provides some respite from the crying and allows me to spend some time with the baby baby who is having a bit of a tough time playing second fiddle to the bigger baby, but I am filled worry as to why, having slept in the car in the morning and at lunch time she still needs a nap at 4pm.
Can’t enjoy the time with the baby baby due to worrying and feeling guilty that I can’t please them both and am stressing my husband out big time as he can hear all of this whilst working from home.
Ergh. Horrid.
So- eventually bath and bed time rolls around which quite frankly is a relief. The baby baby has a lovely bath, splashing and giggling and playing. Phew.
7pm- We made it! To say that makes me feel like absolute rubbish because it is admitting that my day with my babies today has been like wading through treacle. But it has.
I’m off to eat my weight in chocolate now and then drink a vat of wine.
Good day to you! Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a better one…I’ll keep you posted.

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