As I write I am sitting cross legged in a twirly chair being mauled by a hairdressing tutor and her student.
Not mauled in a bad way, they are colouring my hair, and because I care deeply about the next generation of hair dressers am on maternity leave and a skinflint, I am their guinea pig.
£15 for a full head of colour. You can’t go wrong. Except obviously you can.

I could leave here looking like a skunk or a punk or a knackered mum trying to recapture her youth via a wacky hair cut and colour. Hum…wonder which is most likely.
This is what I was hoping for…

Particularly the porcelain skin, the pout and the general beauty.
Following our stint in hospital a couple of weeks ago I am looking and feeling ancient and knackered. Having to sit facing a mirror for hours on end is doing nothing to dispel this.
I realise that some of this comes with the job but, some of it also comes from living off tea and chocolate, either not putting make up on or putting it on and not taking it off and generally not looking after myself properly.
In June and July I did have a spell of being really on one, going to Bootcamp, eating well and all of that and I really enjoyed the way it made me feel but I utterly fell off the bandwagon when Baba A was ill and haven’t yet clambered back on. In fact, I am so out of shape I am not even sure if I can…
But, as a new season and a new school term begins I intend to change all of that (again).
I LOVE Autumn for this exact reason. It’s another opportunity to wipe the slate clean, make new resolutions and, if you want, go stationary crazy.
Given the chance I would be an utter stationary ho. I like to imagine myself as a Smythson kind of gal but, the reality of the situation is very much more WHSmith and, at Christmas only, Paperchase.
I have no need for it at all at the moment and I fear that stationary may actually die off as more and more is done on IPads, via email or text etc. Sad times indeed. 🙁
If you’d like to have a quick hit of some stationary porn, take a look at this
I particularly like the Squirrel holding the tape!
Can not wait until I need to go school shopping with my girlies.
Anyway, since I have no stationary needs at the moment I am just intending to use the new term and new season to sort myself out.
To this end I have finally registered with a dentist and booked an appointment with the hygienist too. Hell, I may even consider flossing!
I’ve had a good old wax which my baby daughter had to witness. (Currently looking into child counselling).
She kept me occupied which was fab as following the whole hideous undercarriage nastiness I was shitting myself (some of you that have had similar experience to me will know whether this is literal or not!). Turns out I was fine, my scar didn’t tear right open when the hot wax was ripped off and, the new me booked my next appointment before she left. Thanks Lou!
New leaf or what.
I’ve had my nails done which was supposed to double up as a social occasion but actually involved my friends having a mani and pedi, drinking at mine whilst I sat upstairs in the dark trying to soothe my daughter, who is taking some time to get used to the fact that I am not sleeping in a camp bed practically nose to nose with her, whilst randomers in uniform come and poke us at regular intervals throughout the night. Lets get our minds out of the gutters shall we ladies; not those kind of uniforms and certainly not that kind of poke.
She finally settled after watching The Gruffalo’s child on the ‘generic tablet device’ and a little story- at 11ish?!?
So, come September I will be hitting the healthy eating and the exercise regime in a bid to become ‘fitnotthin‘ (an excellent ethos currently being championed by Daisy Lowe, Jo Whiley and The Times. I think it might be in response to the dicks from OK magazine– yup, still not over it).
Obviously I won’t be doing that on my birthday. On that day I’ll be eating and drinking whatever the hell I like.
I have requested Personal Trainer vouchers for my birthday and have registered for the Wirral 10km here I am for my rad new hair cut. God, I hope it turns out ok.
Incidentally, it is a new term at my salon, three juniors have watched Ellie and Linda do the colour today, and I feel like I’ve been in double science with Mr Weston all over again. Hairdressing is pretty complicated let me tell you. It was all keratin this, cuticles that, percentages, peroxide and pass me the stain remover- her ears have gone purple.
Anyway- after 5 hours here is the final result… What do you reckon?

Ignore my stained top, forehead and-well, anything that isn’t the hair actually! The rest is a work in progress. 🙂
I’m off to have a humongous bowl of pasta now. I am storing energy now for my new regime!!
Night Night.

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