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Hope you’ve had a good day whatever you’ve been up to. I’ve had my first NCT experience today and I’m not going to lie, I was pleasantly surprised.
The odds were stacked against it to be honest as I was hungover to hell, wanted to be in bed or chomping on a sausage and egg mcmuffin meal (large) and I needed to use my brain as I was a designated cashier. Uh oh.
Now, I haven’t had any direct experience of the NCT having opted for the hippy dippy Hypnobirthing approach first time round (excellent teacher in Surrey) but, what I had heard of the NCT wasn’t very positive.
It was all about the breast-feeding mafia and
antenatal classes where the prospect of an elective c section was considered a sin.
So, I approached with caution and here is what I learnt…
1) NCT members are normal people.
I met lots of lovely mums who were friendly, chatty and not clicky at all.
(It is possible that they were all talking about the alco mummy behind my back) The hangover was very evident as I sipped from my bottle of water and couldn’t accept even a biscuit for fear of vomming all over the bargain bumbos.
I definitely feel I’d be more likely to go to an NCT group or event after today so that’s a good thing. 🙂
(you can find details of your local classes, NNS’s etc here
2) People can be sold ANYTHING when they are expecting a baby.
The sheer volume of ‘stuff’ that filled the hall today was insane.
The volume of stuff that you simply DO NOT NEED in order to raise a child successfully was mind blowing.
3) Trying to undo safety pins under pressure is tough. Especially with the shakes!
Ok- if you are considering going to an NCT nearly new sale bear the following in mind.
It takes ruddy ages to organise, price and prepare all of your items for sale. This is a massive pain so, make sure that you do the following;
Print out the official tags on the correct coloured paper. It is quicker than writing your own.
Don’t bother writing a description as you would for EBay or similar. Just seller number, price and, if necessary, the age/sex of child it is for.
Price conservatively. It is better to sell all your stuff than have to take it home again.
Things that sold particularly well today were books, toys, shoes and equipment.


Clothes only really sold if in good condition, branded and cheap. Think £1.50 for pair of jeans, £5ish for a snow suit and bundles of babygrows for around £1.50/£2.50 depending on amount.
Try to sell outfits together and present on hangers.


Don’t use Sellotape to stick your tags on. It is annoying for the cashiers. I thought that the best method for attaching to clothing was an elastic band through the label or with a safety-pin.
Don’t forget you have to pay commission (up to 30%) and you don’t get to take your money home on the day as the volunteers have to do all the counting up etc so you will get a cheque in the post after a couple of weeks (at least this is how it worked today).
So, there you have it.
It is a time-consuming, mess creating, pain in the ass to prepare for but I would definitely say it is worthwhile to go to an NCT sale both as a buyer and seller.
The volume and quality of the items was brilliant and you will save an absolute fortune whilst feeling good about your carbon footprint and reduce, reuse, recycle ethos.
That’s all for now folks!
Oh- one last thing…don’t take your children if you can help it and, if you do have to, try to sling it.
PS- if you see a baba sling at a sale buy it. Best money I’ve ever spent.
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    Absolutely hilarious! I’m glad your experience was better than mine, when for some unknown reason I decided to be a ‘helper’ at 8 months pregnant at an NCT sale (obviously!!!) ~ never ever again I vowed but maybe, just maybe I might venture to another! x
    PS Yes, the mount of ‘stuff’ you are lead to believe you need to look after a baby is ridiculous!!!

  2. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    Brilliant!! I’m on our local branch committee and organise our twice yearly NNS, so it’s great to hear about a new volunteer’s experiences and tips. Hope you don’t mind if I share?

  3. KB
    KB says:

    I have also attended NCT sales where they don’t take a commission. So not all are run the same. My local group charge you for a table and rail, everything else you make is yours to keep! Reminds me that I must try and do another one soon as my house is overrun with kids’ stuff.


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