Well, nearly two weeks after my Plum Baby party, I have finally got round to sitting down and writing about it. I can’t believe that it has taken me so long-sorry plum. 🙁
It seems that life sometimes gets in the way of the important business of me making sure everyone knows my opinions on everything. Annoying.
Ok, let me get my very serious review head on and tell you what I (and more importantly my babies) and my friends thought about the products I was given to try.
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First though, let me just give you a bit of background:
Plum was set up by a mum who felt that the selection and quality of baby food available was simply not good enough. She made it her mission to create a brand that provided nutritious and tasty food for her children and every other.
Plum use organic ingredients and ensures that they are responsibly sourced which I really like as I always ensure I buy freedom food, free range eggs and so on.
They also use far more of the more expensive ingredients in their dishes than other leading brands, 27% more mango in their mango and banana puree for example. I know, I’ve checked this!
So, on to what we thought of the food themselves: I invited around 7 babies (and their mummy’s) to my party- in the end there was only
Happy Holly, Lovely Lily, Lush Layla and Jolly James (plus my little one) but to be honest that was plenty!
We started off with the Minted Lamb with Peas. It smells like a genuine Sunday roast and went down very well with all of the babies. I tried it and whilst the texture is not for me (not a surprise!) I thought that it was very tasty. Certainly not like some bland baby food I’ve tasted previously.

get in my belly!

get in my belly!

Next, we had a go with the Salmon and Spinach Risotto  this was less popular all round so possibly the babies were a little too young for the fishy flavour. Weaning advice suggests that you try a flavour at least three times before deciding your baby doesn’t like something so I will give this ago another time.
Next on the list was the Beef and Bean Stew which I would say is definitely Han’s favourite pouch. Holly however was all about the Lemon, Chicken and Sweetcorn– her mum couldn’t get it on the spoon fast enough!!


All of the fruit purees were really popular and, having sampled them myself I can vouch for the fact that they are delicious. They can be eaten on their own or mixed in with porridge to make a change.
In terms of the toddler meals- they are really exciting flavours. I like this because they are more adventurous recipes than I would try on a day to day basis.
My toddler loves the Moroccan Tagine and I have to admit it smells gorgeous. She also likes the veggie biryani though always pushes the chickpeas to one side.  I totally understand that!
do you like my hat?!

do you like my hat?!

Since the party, we have moved on to the stage three meals for the baby. I love these as they are so handy to have in your bag. They are in a pot which is great to encourage self feeding. Other brands tend to use pouches which, in my experience is far messier!!
Mr L did the Southport 10km on Sunday so we had a family day out and it was great to have some pouches and some pots in the baby bag so we didn’t need to rely on finding a café or restaurant when the girls needed feeding.
Pricewise, I think they are good value and I love the fact that Plum post on Facebook and their website which supermarkets have offers on each week. An excellent idea and allows you to stock up if you want to.
Pouches start at 80p and a toddler meal is £2.25 when at full price.
So there you have it; I am thoroughly impressed with the whole range of products from Plum Baby and will definitely keep them in our cupboard for days out and an alternative to cooking.
Oh, and for when I am in the mood for doing the whole cooking, mashing, freezing thing- Plum have a whole range of their recipes on their website which is totally free and a really nice touch.
I get the feeling that Plum really DO care about their customers and I’m not sure how many companies we can say that about these days.
James certainly agrees!

James certainly agrees!

Cheers Plum,
Muma Leary

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