Last Saturday we went on an impromptu family day out to Chester. It was fab. We went for a walk along the river, watched some rowers, had some brunch (I realise saying brunch makes me sound quite yah but what else do i call a breakfast/lunch hybrid?!) and ambled through the city. If you’ve never been to Chester, you need to, it is beautiful and totally worth a weekend away but I digress!

The Famous Rows

The Famous Rows

The bridge where we watched the rowers...wake up, This isn't boring.

The bridge where we watched the rowers…wake up, This isn’t boring.

It was Chester’s first Pride event so the place was buzzing.
Today, it is International Day of the Girl and I feel much the same about this as I do about Pride.
I think it’s a shame that days like this need to exist. 
Don’t get me wrong. I love an excuse to party as much as the next person but I think that in the 21st century everyone should just be equals pequals and that’s the end of it.
People shouldn’t have to fight for equality or to be on a level playing field with anyone else. It should just be. 
However, since that this clearly isn’t the case, I suppose I’d better give you my tuppence worth on the issue.
Now, before you get on your high horse about there being a day specifically for girls, The UN has deemed it necessary because girls are undervalued and facing serious danger and risks unique to them on a daily basis.
This is what they say on their website:
“Girls face discrimination and violence every day across the world. The International Day of the Girl Child focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.”
To me, that means that girls and women should be entitled to
  • Behave as they wish
  • Dress as they wish
  • See who they wish and
  • Face consequences no different from anyone else.
  • They should not be deemed more or less responsible for their actions than their male counterparts.
A woman should no more be stoned to death for having sexual relations outside of marriage than a man should have his penis lopped off. That punishment suggests (to me) that the male in the equation was too weak to resist the temptations of a woman, that she was the only one at fault.
Well- I don’t want to be too simplistic about the whole thing but- it takes two to tango and if those two are both grown ups, then they are both, EQUALLY responsible. IF it was consensual.
I’m not even going to begin the argument about women dressing to get raped. No one is asking for ‘it’ unless they physically tap you on the shoulder and say politely (and soberly) ‘excuse me. I was wondering if you and I could have sex’.
 Did you know that over 1/4 of people questioned on behalf of Amnesty International in 2005 believed that a woman is totally or partially responsible if she is wearing ‘sexy or revealing’ clothing.
  • I want my children to grow up in a world where they are free to achieve whatever they want.
  • I want girls in every country and every culture to be afforded the same opportunities as their male counterparts.
  • I don’t want them to benefit from positive discrimination.
  • I want them to get a job on their merits. Because they are the best person for the job.
  • And I want them to be the best person because they had the same quality of education as the boys they grew up with.
  • I want my children and their peers to be free to wear whatever the hell they want.
  • I fully expect to hate some of their selections but, if they are happy with it  I will simply have to suck it up. (when they are grown up- ie 40 and not a minute before)
I hope that Miley Cyrus (ha ha, spell checker changed her surname to circus…) looks back on her video for Wrecking Ball and thinks- man I had an amazing figure but I looked pretty bloody sexually naïve to be licking a hammer.
Even a bloke of some pretty serious girth wouldn’t compete with that, I don’t think I even really look like I’m enjoying this whole pretend fellatio scenario. Hmmm, oh well, I weighed up all the information and took a risk.
I was only 20 and if you can’t make mistakes at that age, when can you?
I think I should have used black/brown on my lashes- they don't match my brows. what a hideous mistake.

I think I should have used black/brown on my lashes- they don’t match my brows. what a hideous mistake.

I hope that she made that video because SHE wanted to break away from Hannah Montana, not because she felt that was what the industry expected of her and strong armed her into.
If that is the case then more power to her.
And, with a humongous sigh, I suppose I have to allow Jordan that same privilege URGH.
Girls shouldn’t have to shout and scream and have a special day to remind the world that we deserve a little respect. But whilst we do I am right behind it. 
Thanks for reading.
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