Well hello there my ravashing readers. 🙂
How was last week for you?
Clearly I know it would have been tinged with sadness as a direct result of my lack of blogs but I mean apart from that- what did you get up to?
Did you have a good look around your house, have a stern word with yourself about your poor housekeeping credentials and then pull yourself up by your bootstraps and try out the amazing Cif cream?
Just me then…

Lucky for you, my cheeky little chinchillas, I am going to save you the bother and tell you whether it works or not and thus whether you should hot foot it down to the shops as fast as your little legs can carry you and buy some for yourselves.

Sooooo- just to recap, a part of this blogging malarkey is that sometimes brands send you stuff to review. On this occasion I applied to test some Cif via the Mumsnet blogger network. (If you fancy doing the same you can check them out here).
Because I am such an infamous and, lets face it, astoundingly high brow blogger, that CIF (formerly Jif- yup, I am days away from getting my telegram from the Queen because I am so ruddy ancient) sent me a bottle of their cream to try.
Now, my regular readers will know only too well that I am, at best, a slummy mummy and seriously lacklustre housewife.
It is no secret that I prefer the company of a good room temperature red than the sensation of my damp hands incased in a latex glove- though when I am feeling particularly adventurous the two need not be mutually exclusive (I am joking- if you are an Internet weirdo please log off immediately).
Contrary to my vision, my move back ‘tup North has not immediately turned me into the quintessential 1950’s housewife that I had envisaged and there are areas in our home that require some urgent attention and TLC and this is where the Cif comes in…
The marketing material says;

You’ll be amazed at what you can rejuvenate with our multipurpose cream. The millions of micro-particles contained in each drop will clean kitchens, bathrooms and more, delivering beautiful results every time!

Just to be clear- I am not one of those people for whom, cleaning is a hobby. I don’t put my headphones in and make a morning of it. I don’t think of it as a workout. It is just something that needs to be done and I want it done as well and as quickly as possible.
Cif cream feels old school, it feels slightly gritty and as if it will really do a job. It is what my mum used to use. These days it’s all about the sprays and the mousses so I was worried it would take longer and be a bit of a pain to use.
It wasn’t and it isn’t.
You wipe it on with a damp cloth. Leave it for a bit and then go back with the damp cloth, use a bit of elbow grease on the stubborn stuff and that’s it. Job done.
Don’t use too much- a little goes a long way and if you do get a bit cream happy you’ll be having to rinse the suds away for sometime.
I tried it on my kitchen sink (obvious place to start) and was chuffed with the results.
Obviously it hasn’t changed it into a gold Barr so I don’t want to go over board but it is sparkling clean and that can only help in my quest to become the ultimate domestic darling.


Next up was some very old and unloved placemats. I was toying with the idea of chucking them out but- based on the results of this trial thy can stay. Check them out for yourselves.


The piece de resistance however dear reader- and quite frankly I can’t believe my life has come to this (in the grand plan, I would be so exceptionally successful I would have staff. Not just a cleaner- staff, plural and would neither need to clean my own bathroom(s) or be aware of the names of the cleaning products needed to do such things!) was the shower.
Limescale ain’t glamourous. It isn’t a hot topic that my friends and I discuss over dinner (read take away fish and chips from Picses) but it is a thorn in my side and Cif cream dealt with it no bother.
In short (because it is difficult to really wax lyrical about cleaning..)
*Cif sent me a trial of their Cif cream to try.
*I tried it.
*I thought it was excellent.
*I will buy it again and I think you should too.
And that my friends, is that.
Oh- apart from to tell you that if you want more info you can check out their website here for tips and suggestions on how cleaning…has it come to that?!
I am off to watch Homeland now. I hope Brody makes a reappearance soon. I am not impressed so far and now we have Breaking Bad on DVD there is some stiff competition.
PS- Just for clarity, I know I covered this before but you never know what makes people cross or questioning…
I am a member of the Mumsnet bloggers Network Research Panel. We are a group of parent bloggers who volunteer to review products, services, events or brands on behalf of Mumsnet.
All the views and opinions on the blog are wholly mine and completely honest and unbiased.
That’s all!

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  1. twinny
    twinny says:

    The cif advert with the kids trainers always has me and andy howling with laughter!!! It might be good but i dont reckon its that bloody good!
    Homeland is not grabbing my attention so far! I too would watch breaking bad….if i hadnt already watched all 5 series! Last episode was amazeballs!!! Enjoy – ull b addicted X

  2. Emma Innes
    Emma Innes says:

    I love ‘Jiff’ as I will always call it. That and a ‘Mold and Mildew’ spray are my go to products. Oh and magic sponge, what is life with out a magic sponge.


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