Hiya Everyone. How are you doing?
I have just woken up having put the girls to bed at 7pm. I am feeling hideous. URGH.
Think it comes from trying to do too much but I have always been the same. I get an idea in my head and I want to do it. NOW.
Start writing a blog I want it to go viral, start a business I want to be in the Times Top 100. Start doing reviews I take on loads!
I just can’t do baby steps very well for some reason. But I do seem to have a tendency to fall absolutley flat on my face. 🙁
I have at least learnt that about myself in the 33 years I’ve been rushing around this planet like a blue arsed fly so I’m less surprised by my own actions than I used to be and I am taking steps to change that. Yey me.
Got to be honest though…still a little surprised by this one though…
Are you sitting comfortably?
Once upon a time, there was a crazy lady called Muma Leary.

She had uneven hair and twinkly eyes that crinkled when she smiled (which was often as she had two lovely daughters to make her laugh!)
Muma Leary loved reading to her little girls and, because she didn’t want to get a boring grown up persons job, she skipped along to a little bookshop she knew and asked if she could read stories for them.
They were very happy that someone loved books as much as they did and said that she could come and read for anyone that fancied coming to listen.
And so, that is how Muma Leary’s Story time was born.
Now, Muma Leary knew that some of you had school or nursery or lived down the road, round the bend, over the hill and past the postbox, which is far too far to come for a story, so, she decided that she would record the stories too (she’s a bit of a show off you see!) so you could listen to them whenever you fancied. In the car, in the bath, in your bed- perfect! What do you think of that?
I hope you enjoy listening to them. Did you know that reading or listening to stories is like exercise for your brain? It makes you super smart and gives you an amazing imagination. So, chose a story and let’s snuggle up and have a look.
If you have a favourite that you’d like me to read, let me know and I will read that one especially for you.
Lots of love,
Muma Leary. 🙂
So, yeah, that’s it really. My new (voluntary) job- alongside working remotely a couple of days a week for Young Rewired State is to be a modern day Mrs Doubtfire. Obviously I won’t be in drag and I am not doing it as an opportunity to see my children but you get my drift…do you?
I can’t wait to put on some weird voices and entertain some toddlers. Does that make me weird?
Anyway, if you think that sounds like fun, come down to Linghams in Heswall on Wednesday 30th October at 2pm and I’ll read some stories whilst you get a coffee or something.
Sounds good hey?
See you there.
Muma Leary.

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