Today, 13 years ago I went on my first real date with the current Mr L!
We went to a bar called Casa in Nottingham where we ate mussels and chips, drank, talked, drank, ate pudding and went for a long walk along the Trent and watched the fireworks in the black night sky.
Obviously, because it is me, my heel broke during the walk which led to a very undignified hobble back home and that was it.
The mask properly slipped that day and, even when I have been at my most hurt, most vulnerable and most low I have never truly been able to shield my heart and soul from my actual, other half.

13 years is a long old time in anyone’s book and it hasn’t all been plain sailing. We have laughed, fought, loved, separated, lived and changed into different versions of ourselves as well as growing into a family. An actual family, OF FOUR in these years together.
So, just for the record (and because I neglected to get you a card for our actual anniversary. Sorry about that 🙁 ) here are some nice words about how I feel about you Mr L.
They don’t rhyme!
I am sorry not to be with you today to tell you in person that I love you. (For the nosy amongst you I am chilling in Chester with my mum and sister but lets not detract from the reason behind this totes emosh post!)
I love you every day.
Sometimes you drive me up the wall. Sometimes I drive you up the wall.
Sometimes the minutiae and grind of every day life makes me want to eat my own eye ball because it is so freaking mundane but it is better (I presume) because I do it with you and to make a happy home for our beautiful girls.
It is better still when we are out on the town and come back to sleeping children that we can admire without having to actually do anything to!
I love the fact that you are an utter sporting encyclopaedia.
I love your eyes.
I love the fact that you are as geeky as I am.
I love your smile.
I love how much you love our babies.
I love our history.
I love the fact that we can read each other so well that only utter fools would dare play us at ‘who’s in the bag’ and other such dinner party games- Yes friends, that is the sound of a gauntlet being tossed in your direction!
I love the fact that it is us against the world! Go team Leary 🙂
I love you and I am sorry you have to watch The Arsenal on live pause today because you have the kids. I will bring you back something nice to compensate.
Oh, and just before people are sick in to their own hands, I do also have a blog post entitled ‘Really Annoying Things You Do’ and a mental list of things that could be improved on- but I’ll just store them away for an occasion when I am really cheesed off…
Here’s to another 13 dude, unlucky for some!

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