Ever since our first daughter was born just over 2 years ago I have been doing my best to raise her to become a strong, independent young lady.
My friend once overheard me whispering to my barely 6 month old daughter about her growing up and living her dreams, not letting anyone or anything stand in her way. And she laughed her ass off.

What are you doing she cried.
You’re double dosing her.

She is growing up with you as a mother.
She’ll see a strong, independent woman every day.
You don’t need to be sending her off to sleep each night with a bloody hypnotising CD monologue in her head!!

Pipa- how right you were…
Fast forward two years and our beautiful baby girl is growing and changing almost daily.
She is, without a doubt a headstrong, independent, intelligent, feisty little ferret.
She is also kind, gentle, caring and all kinds of wonderful.
I collected her from nursery today and had a little debrief with her lovely key worker.
Now, having been a teacher myself I am well aware of what people say and what they really mean…many a time I struggled to find a positive spin for certain types of behaviour and had to resort to the following:
What I said: Jacob has an excellent knowledge of Geography.
What I meant: Jacob is a sneaky little git who knows all the back alleys to skive and smoke down.
What I said: Angela is enthusiastically developing her practical skills in science.
What I meant: Angela was caught copping a feel of Craig’s semi in Biology.
What I said: Mitchell has a natural talent for creative writing.
What I meant: Mitchell is a pathological lier.
What I said: Hilary really likes to get a feel for the materials.
What I meant: Hilary was caught in the tech cupboard rubbing herself with the fabric remnants.
And now the boot is on the other foot…
They say: No one is going to push her around.
They mean: She’s a bossy boots.
They say: She’s very determined.
They mean: She wouldn’t do as she was asked.
They say: She’s very independent.
They mean: Doesn’t accept help (which makes everything take 16 hours!)
They say: She’s very bright.
They mean: We feel we need to offer a little grain of hope to cling to in the years between now and when she leaves home because you are going to have some serious battles on your hands…good luck!!
I say: We’re going home now.
She says. NO WAY.
I say: Ok then, I’ll go home on my own then.
She: sits at the top of the stairs, waves and says; Bye then Muma.
I honestly don’t know where she gets it!
Keep your ears open for the inevitable ‘teacher talk’ that’s coming your way!!
Lots of love.

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    One of my best friends used to say ‘…I want her to be a free spirit…’ about her 3 month old daughter…yep, be careful what you wish for…!!!


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