Like the title? Ha ha. See what I did there?
So, the situation is this ladies and gents. I have finally succumbed and purchased a onesie.
Sweet Jesus what took me so long? I LOVE IT.
Possibly even more than my wedding dress.
Possibly more than anything else I have worn ever. Ever.
I went upmarket. Ooh- get me!
Not the £200 cashmere affair from M&S. That would be a step too far but, neither did I want to go up like a Christmas pudding, on opening the oven, due to the criminally high polyester content.
And so, I turned to my faithful old friend, NEXT and this is what I plumped for.

The one on the left.
Now, this is the picture from their website. I opted for that rather than a cheeky snap of myself that would result in two things:
1) you feeling bad that you can’t rock a onesie as splendidly as I.
2) NEXT being inundated with messages asking for me to be their new model and I simply can’t spare the time.
I haven’t got dressed at all today.
I have been swanning around in my onesie and fully expect to continue to do so until around Easter.
Even better than mine though, are the amazing matching onesies I bought for the girls for them to wear on Christmas Eve. I am SO excited. I am not sure that I will be able to hold out until then but I will give it a go.


Mr L has sadly declined to get into the spirit of things and remains firmly onesieless. When asked why, he made the following statement.
“I have not yet waved the white flag in terms of wearing nice clothing. I don’t want to look like someone who has given up on life!”
Bah humbug!
Then again, he might have a point.
Happily, no one needs to miss out on this craze…check out this hilarious picture which nearly made me wee. Not ideal when wearing a onesie. Just like the hideousness of weeing when bodysuits were all the rage.

Taken from see link below for more.
Check out the full item here. It is too funny!!
And finally- if you want to help ensure that no one is onesieless this winter have a look at this brilliant scheme to ensure that all homeless children in Liverpool can have a new pair of PJ’s for Christmas Eve. Pay it forward people. Pay it forward.
Lots of love.

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  1. Jacqui Malpass
    Jacqui Malpass says:

    My husband bought one about a week ago and adores it. I have asked where mine is!!!! I shall be getting one as we are going on a road trip soon and it will be cold – I can wear this over my PJ’s.
    Love the horse picture, I am wondering if I can get one for Ferdy dog.


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