Hello my darlings.
I just wanted to write you a little note just to remind you that I absolutely adore you!
No particular reason, no special day.
We’ve just hung out at home, in our onesies.
We’ve pottered and cuddled and read and had tea, built towers, knocked them down, practised walking and singing… And just being us really. 🙂

So, just incase you are stomping around in a massive 17 year old strop, thinking you’ve got the worst parents in the universe, know this, you are loved. Always.
When we snuggle up in bed after you’ve been swimming and splashing and kicking and babbling in the bath, when you are a little bit sleepy and a little bit cuddly, there is no where else in the world I would rather be.
I can already see that you are both growing so very fast and I am achingly proud of you both with your different, glorious personalities.
B with your lovely slow and steady, gentle, careful nature and you H with your fast and furious, no fear fantasticness.
You are never happier than when you are together and my world comes to a shuddering stop when I look through the crack of the playroom door to hear you giggling together.
I wish I could bottle it.


And that moment when your dada and I check on you in the middle of the night, it is all we can do not to high five each other in your room in celebration of the amazing little people we’ve made.
We love you my darlings and, though I am sad that your baby phase is now finito, I am so looking forward to all the coming stages.
That’s all really. Sleep tight.
You are loved.


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