You know that moment when your baby goes from chomping on a sweet potato ‘chip’ (homemade and not bad for you so don’t tut at the c word) to coughing and spluttering and basically choking?
You know how you panic and have no clue what to do and are frantically looking around the kitchen for someone other than a toddler to keep you calm and tell you what to do? Well I do.
Happily, the errant chip was coughed up pretty quickly and all was well but it is a nerve shredding experience.
I think having babies is similar in a lot of ways to a trip to Alton Towers (other theme parks are available).
It involves lots of anticipation, excitement, adrenalin and screaming. There will always be at least some sick and eventually, you’ll be left poorer, soaking wet and reliving the memories thanks to the dodgy pictures.
In all of these situations it is best to be prepared and that is where the Red Cross First Aid app comes in.
Baby and Child First aid app
I found out about this App thanks to Mumsnet and, realising that I haven’t been on a first aid course since my time as a nanny, wanted to check it out myself.
I genuinely think that this app could be a life saver. It is extremely thorough with videos, how to’s and loads of tips and suggestions on how to prepare for various situations.

Screen shot of the Asthma attack video

Screen shot of the Asthma attack video

I absolutely think that everyone should physically go and do a first aid course but, if you haven’t, because life, as it does, gets in the way or you think ‘we’ll be okay’, this app could be the proverbial plaster over any knowledge gaps in the event of an emergency.
It is really easy to use and navigate and can be used on several different levels. For example- ideally, if you download the app you would take the time to work through the ‘learn section’ so that you are more aware of potential dangers and learn what to do in the event of an accident. However, there is also a tool to find the closest hospital to you and the excellent facility for you to add your childs medical records to the app so you can have any necessary information at anytime- no need to take your red book everywhere.
screen shot of some of the learning sections on the app

screen shot of some of the learning sections on the app

There is a section to test your knowledge (which, for geeks like me is a real plus!)
I think that the ’emergency’ section of the app is the most useful- there is information on croup, febrile seizures, fever and meningitis amongst others- basically all of the horribly scary words that I have panicked about since having kids. It gives you no-nonsense information which can really calm you down. Now that NHS direct no longer have a 24 hr number to call, I know that I will turn to this app to put my mind at rest OR seek further medical assistance.
Could the app have the potential to scare you when you realise that, now you have children everything is an accident waiting to happen?
YES but, accidents don’t become less likely to happen because we choose to bury our heads in the sand about them (in fact, although burying your head in the sand is not covered directly, this too is definitely accident material). Being aware of possible dangers will make you more aware, more able to plan and less likely to get into trouble in the first place.
Would I recommend this app?
ABSOLUTELY but, don’t just think that having it on your phone is enough, please take the time to have a read through the sections, I really do think it could make a big difference.
The Red Cross App is totally FREE and can be downloaded from the App Store<>for iPhone and iPad or Google Play <> for Android devices.
What the British Red Cross say about their app:

“Our FREE app is packed full of essential first aid learning for parents. It includes videos, quick tips and self test sections to test your knowledge. App users can search for their nearest accident and emergency department anywhere in the UK using the hospital finder. There
is a useful section on preparing for first aid incidences and a medical records section to record childrens medication and allergies. The Baby and Child First Aid app has been designed and developed for parents and carers of children to make learning first aid easy and accessible. 
The app is primarily a way of learning first aid at your leisure before an emergency situation arises. However it does also include a section for use in an emergency.”

 Please share this information with your friends and family.
Would you know what to do in the event of an emergency?
Do you think an app like this could put your mind at rest or do you think it would make you complacent?
Let me know, I’d love to hear what you think.
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