So, the day has finally arrived. Mr L is finishing at a company he has worked at since before we were married to start at a new place up North!

Eeeek- that means he’ll be home every night. 

I hope we get on!! 

This move is very much needed and has been a long time coming. It is a massive thing for all of us but especially Mr L and I really, really hope that he enjoys the new role and new challenge.
I know that his 3 girls will enjoy having him around more. welcome home dada
Unfortunately, I have deluded my tiny mind into thinking that this one change will lead to amazing and magical differences in my oops our life almost immediately. Situations like the following will become the norm in our home and family life will, naturally become perfect…
1) Since I will now be cooking for two I will miraculously develop a CAN be arsed gene which means that I will not only capable of, but relish the opportunity to, provide different and daring wholesome food for us each and every night. Lobster Thermidor and champers will likely become a staple.

lobster thermidor

image from BBC

2) Since I will now have a live in babysitter I will be able to work out daily; very likely with a run before Mr L heads in to the office and a serious yoga session after the girls have gone down but before serving the culinary master pieces outlined above. This will clearly mean that I’ll look almost exactly like this:

image from

3) We will literally be swimming in spare cash in scenes akin to Scrooge McDuck in the tremendous ‘Duck Tales’ that used to serve as kids television, or Cyril Sneer. Who didn’t love The Raccoons (obvious point- we’d be the nice, normal rich people, not the snooty, new money types!)
Scrooge Mc Duck, Duck Tales

Loved this programme!

4) We will not be too knackered to make it through to the 10 o’clock news and will thus become worldly and well-informed individuals who can make intelligent comments about Question Time rather than statements about the state of the audience.
Point for those in the audience…If Dimbleby has picked you out to ask a question, when you are asking it PUT YOUR HAND DOWN. YOU LOOK STUPID. 
Question Time

image from BBC

5) Oh, and we’ll go out. Together. Loads. On dates…and we’ll enjoy it. 
Date night
date night

To see genuine, sites like this.

date night

And eat the cleanest food on the planet!

date night

But if Mr L ever grows facial hair anything even remotely like this, I’m outta here.

A tiny weeny part of brain is suggesting that this might not be EXACTLY how it works out.
There is an incey wincey inkling that we might continue to consume unhealthy levels of fish and chips and sit in silence whilst we both faff around on our iPads channel surfing but this is only a teeny-weeny possibility…I’ll keep you posted.
PS- I love you Mr L and I am so so proud of you. Don’t bandy that around though. I’ve got a rep to protect! XxxxX

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  1. Vicky T
    Vicky T says:

    Good luck with the move! Adam you will be missed but I will read the fantastic blog and definitely stay in touch. Very pleased for you and your three girls 🙂 x


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