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I am sneaked a quick blog post whilst Mr L (who is now home for good!!!) was bathing the kids last night! He is very happy to as it still has a novelty factor since he has so often missed these ‘ordinary moments’.
I have got to tell you about a couple of things I discovered today whilst checking out the UK Baby and Toddler Show which is at The Echo Arena this weekend. latest-Logo
I got two tickets from the promoters so went along with my sister and the littlies to see what they had to offer there. It was a cold, windy, rainy, horrible day and I had to hero it over on the bus with the buggy and the girls on my lonesome as we met my sister there. Thankfully it was quiet and without incident. I was almost disappointed!
After the big little caused havoc in John Lewis by actually lying down for a sleep on the floor of jewellery department we decided we’d be more comfortable in a space where there might be other kids causing more noise and/or drama than mine so we headed to the show. 
On arrival, we were able to put our pram in the buggy park and borrow a sling from the Liverpool and Wirral sling library. Though I had my baba sling with me which has seen me through the last 2 1/2 years very well, I thought I’d give another brand a try and carried the little little in an amazing sling on my hip. It was so comfortable and easy and, with a shoulder support to distribute the weight evenly made my sling seem pretty hard on the back by comparison. Sadly, at £82, I can’t justify one but I think I’ll be renting one out from the sling library next time we are going away for the weekend. Even more sadly, I can’t remember what brand it was. I should have written it down. Rooky mistake.
UK BABY AND TODDLER SHOWDownstairs there was a really busy area offering loads of activities such as badge making, colouring and, my personal favourite, dancing!
The girls were in awe. UK BABY AND TODDLER SHOW
It would have been well worth going  just to watch the big little getting her groove on with the free dance sessions but there were one or two other stalls that I am really pleased to have found today…unusually for me, they are all baby clothing related. (Perhaps that is something to do with the selection of stands and the fact that I have no need for nursery furniture etc so paid less attention?)
My favourite two stands had, weirdly, both made the journey down from Glasgow which I am gutted about as if they were based near me I’d be a regular. On second thoughts, its probably better this way.
They are the anti GAP. Absolutely fantastic kids clothing which is as far away from meh as you can get. Not that all Gap is Meh but these feel a little bit more unique and special.
1) Rowdy Roddy Vintage stocks an amazing array of vintage baby clothing, retro toys and a whole host of music inspired pj’s, bibs and so on.
I am already thinking it was a mistake for me to leave without buying one of these.

lullabye beatles cd

How cool is this?

I did however buy one of these- YEY! AnchorDaddy
2) The second was Tiny Tots Togs. A mother and daughter team who make children’s clothing using fun and funky fabrics. Often with designs and patterns from the ’60’s.
Who doesn’t want more owls in their life?
Who in their right mind, doesn't want more owls in their life?

Who in their right mind, doesn’t want more owls in their life?

And, having seen the way the big little was getting down with her bad self in the dance area I am sorely tempted by the Tutus from Peachy Pink. I think that the navy one is fab as, apart from being a frilly tutu; it’s not too girly girly, it’s got edge.
It's only £20...I need one in my life!

It’s only £20…I need one in my life!

I’m picturing it with stripy tights and some shiny doc martins?!
Living out my fashion dreams vicariously through my kids.
Yes people, it’s come to that!
Having been to the Baby Show at Earls Court a few years ago, this show seemed very small by comparison and I felt could have used a few more stalls or ‘big names’ to really make the trip worthwhile from a shopping point of view.
I wasn’t wowed by any huge show discounts for big ticket items or amazing competitions. I think that the organisers could really improve on that aspect for next year. Baby shows could be a real one stop shop for parents to be and this one missed the mark a little I felt.
But, if you’re thinking of heading over there today, I reckon it’s worth a few hours of your time. Let me know what you thought.
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