PFFFFT! Friday again, must be time for Love the little things…I know what you’re thinking…It doesn’t seem like two minutes since I read the last installment of this fly by the seat of your pants blog. That is because dear reader, I was late with the last one of these so didn’t post it until Monday. Tardy. Soz.
Lets crack on shall we? We’ve all got things to be doing…haven’t we? Enders is on at 8!
READ: Urgh…The post. This week my mail has included such gems as a speeding fine and a parking appeal which the council have decided to uphold. As I am like a dog with a bone when I think I am in the right (which I totally am) I have re-appealed…I will let you know how I get on.

I am NOT any of these things and do not deserve a ticket!!

I am NOT any of these things and do not deserve a ticket!!

More important than either of those rubbish letters though was the fantastic letter from the hospital to say the big littles kidneys are both functioning normally and there is no need for any further treatment or medication. HOORAH!! (you can see how she came to be on meds here)
Gin and Tonic

If you’re not sure whether or not you need a gin, use this handy guide!

MADE: This is always the tricky bit for me- I’m not much of a maker to be honest. I’m certainly no cook or crafter or anything that resembles any sort of home maker type! However, this week to celebrate the Mr being home- woo hoo, I had a gin and tonic…on a Monday night- that’s right people, thats me, tearing up the rule book right there! The measures were generous, the temperature was perfect enough to give me a shiver on the first sip and I even used the best glasses. Sublime! And, as today is a Friday, I think I’ll be doing the same again later!
WATCHED: This week for absolutely no good reason I have been watching old videos of my babies on my phone…whilst they are at nursery. WHAT?! This is useful, tangible time on my own in which I could be doing actual important stuff. How utterly ridiculous I am. Why am I not making a flan or dusting the skirting boards or doing some work?!
I live with them, I see them daily and, to be honest, sometimes they really test my patience so why in god’s name am I watching them when I have a list as long as my arm of stuff to do?! Have a word!
Steve wright in the afternoon. radio 2

HEARD: I am in a weird situation now I am officially working two days a week from home. I am able to choose what I want to listen to without having to consider anyone else. I’ll level with you; I haven’t really kept up with the ‘hit parade’ for the last few years but I have been able to listen to the radio for a few days this week as happily Steve Wright was on holiday and Jo Whiley filled in.
Although I am still cross that she did not play my request on our wedding day (Theme tune from The Sopranos that I posted in along with a gift for her new born) favouring ‘Tha tha that that don’t kill you, will only make you stronger’ by Kayne West instead (thanks to some totes emosh story about a wounded soldier coming home from Afghanistan and the pride of his sister) her dulcet tones are preferable to sing along Steve who, Mr L and I believe, is genuinely trying to see how far he can push it before being handed his P45. Please God let it be soon.
Anyway, I digress, I have been listening to this glorious track from The Arctic Monkeys. The husband put me on to it and it is lush.

WORE: Firstly, I’m going to have to change the title of this category to ‘worn’. I will do it next week as it sounds better grammatically to me for some reason. I didn’t just want to thrust such a major change on you without notice so I’ve hopefully given you a heads up for next time.

Marks and spencer light control sports top

Anyway, the answer is: Some new running gear…Went to M&S this week which I love! For the first time in a gazzillion years I have bought some new underwear but, since this isn’t that kind of blog, I’ll just talk about the new top which sucks you in so you look a bit more gazelle and a little less heifer when running. The hold you in-ness of it is pretty serious (or perhaps I should have bought the next size up). I am not sure whether I should be subjecting myself to the whole flatten this, push up this, suck in this sort of fashion- isn’t it some kind of anti feminist thing? I’m losing track of that whole debate, I just find it useful to have a top which means that my stomach doesn’t alternately slap my thighs and then my boobs with each step. I’d recommend one! That doesn’t by the way mean I think you are fat- you look lovely from here.
Did you know that it was 50 years ago today that The Beatles arrived in America?…Yep, that’s my ‘and finally’…How boring has my week been?! Sorry about that. I can not imagine how Stuart Sutcliffe must have felt knowing that he could have been a part of the madness- weird.

The beatles arrive in America for the first time 1964Good to know that they started off by playing the village hall up the road from our house!! Now it is reduced to bring and buys sales…not quite the same!

Until next time lovelies. Have a brilliant weekend.

Muma. XxxX

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  1. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy
    Morgana @ butwhymummywhy says:

    haha, love that you’re changing it from wore, to worn. I pondered over which to put when I created the linky, I think it’s because it use to be ‘some thing I wore this week’.
    Love the little gin and tonic picture, I agree wholeheartedly!

  2. notafrumpymum
    notafrumpymum says:

    Good luck with the parking appeal, I hate it when you get a speeding fine letter through the post. Although being stopped by a policeman is a lot worse (I do drive a lot slower now I have my sensible mummy car!)

  3. Katie Clark
    Katie Clark says:

    Thanks for this – definitely heading to M&S to look at running gear. I never look anything but a complete dingbat in my kit – it’s either so tight I look like the michelin man or so loose I end up with black eyes!

  4. MissMelvis
    MissMelvis says:

    The Beatles (and endless other musicians) played at a place called The Globe near my house (my Auntie went and got there autographs!) … anyhoo, it became a bingo hall or something but for as long as I can remember it’s been a big empty, boarded up building. Now, they’re bringing it back 😀 It’s being refurbished and The Globe is returning, I’m just hoping artists on par with those in the 60’s will be attracted to play there xx


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