I’m not saying I’m blaming Jo Malone for the devastating flooding that has hit the country so hard in recent weeks. That isn’t what I’m saying.
But…if we look at the facts, I think we can all see that it is almost entirely their fault.
The buck stops there.
Right outside their beautiful boutique shops, many of which are probably now flooded themselves. Ahhhh, the irony.
Infact, if people are looking for make do flood defences, their boxes and bags are so strong that they could do worse than fill them with sand and line them up outside their doors.
Obviously I am joking, I am being facetious (which FYI is the only word in the English language with all the vowels in, in order; cool hey) but, these recent floods, this crazy weather that we are experiencing, should surely remind us all that the elements are stronger than us and we can’t fight against them forever. 20140212-214858.jpg

It might not be obvious from the above but, I love Jo Malone.
I think the products are absolutely gorgeous and far superior to any others that I have tried. The fragrances are unusual and really last and I have been known to sniff at a candle like a crazed crack addict but, the fact remains- there is way too much waste. 20140212-215840.jpg

I don’t really want to pick them out specifically but, as I was lucky enough to receive some of their products for Christmas, they were at the forefront of my mind when I wrote this (so far unanswered post) over a month ago. There are many, many more companies that I could name.
I just want to highlight the fact that all brands, all companies and all individuals have a responsibility to #reduce #reuse and #recycle.
All companies should be trying to think of ways to cut down on their waste, reduce their carbon footprint and lessen the impact that they (and we) are having on the environment.
I have had a brief look on the old ‘tinterweb and can see that it is easy peasy to make refills, use less glass and plastic for products packaging. Companies are already doing it and, bonus, it is saving them money too. LOOK.
I’m no expert but how hard would it be for there to be the option to return your bags and boxes to your local store with your empty candle holders or scent defusers. You can do it with plastic bags at the supermarkets.
I know that by talking about Jo Malone specifically some people will be rolling their eyes and saying that this isn’t to do with them, they don’t buy the product, it’s a luxury and a first world problem but, that’s the thing. Everyone is paying the price for excessive waste so everyone needs to take some responsibility and change their behaviour.
Recycling isn’t going to immediately lead to the river levels returning to normal and everything being hunky dory by the end of the week. There is much to be done in many different areas and I am sure that there will have been some conservationists saying “I told you so” of late as they watched the waters spill over the tops of people’s wellies and bubble up through the bore holes.
So, I will ask again, what can you do, what can companies do and what does The Government need to do to make sure that this is a freak incident and not something that will become an annual occurrence.
Jo Malone, I will await your reply….
Which brands do you think are in the recycling bad books? Are there any examples of really good ideas that you know of?
Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Anon
    Anon says:

    Great blog….just came across it now as Jo Malone have introduced a candle where all proceeds go to charity and I got googling ‘is it just me or does anybody else find Jo Malone packaging annoying?’
    I totally agree with what you’ve said and have contacted people at Jo Malone about setting up recycling for their empty candle jars and whether they would offer refills and reeds for their diffusers; they said no!
    Like you, I adore Jo Malone scents and candles and diffusers. Though, I always refuse the packaging unless it’s a present for someone – as it’s so annoying!
    I realise that one of the selling points of Jo Malone is around the packaging…but quite frankly a candle is a candle is candle; I don’t need fancy packaging (that I then have to discard and contribute to a landfill site). It seems so decadent and doesn’t sit comfortably with me.
    Not sure whether by discarding their packaging – thereby cutting their costs and passing that onto their nominated charities would help – as it would certainly encourage me to buy from them!
    Recycling, wouldn’t necessarily detract from people’s perception of them; they do amazing scents. But may help their charity endeavours and save costs. Every body is a winner. I am not suggesting a total ban..but rather giving people a choice whether to have the packaging. Also introducing recycling in my opinion wouldn’t hurt the brand but enhance it as people would perceive them as being responsible.
    I’m glad someone else shares my sentiments and I shall be stopping here from time to time! :)))

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      I know!! It is infuriating isn’t it. My candle and diffuser are now both almost dead and I am really wondering whether I can go back having made this big point…I might just refuse the beautiful packaging- that’s a good compromise isn’t it?!


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