Hey guys and Gals,
No doubt you’ve been gently woken today with a peck on the cheek, a huge bunch of flowers and a beautiful breakfast in bed…Or, you’ve been awake soothing a crying baby since 5:07am and have rarely felt less romantic, glamorous and amorous!!
Ah well, we can’t have it all can we!
I don’t want to rain on anyones parade with this whole Valentines day thing but I am writing this post from my new address…The Dog House.
I have invited people over for dinner tonight. No, not ‘people’ two of our mates and also my sister and her fella. People whose company we enjoy.
I invited them, not so we could all chuck our keys in a bowl or anything but because it was an evening where we were all available which is pretty rare.
Mr L has spent over a decade of towing the Valentines day line, something which he isn’t that into himself and so, I thought he’d feel like he’d been let off the hook and everyone would be a winner.
Not so dear reader.
He is cross because if he’d suggested doing something like this I very probably would have done a sulky face and felt rejected. It is basically a serious case of double standards and, he is totally right. I hate it when that happens.
But, you know, this Valentines thing, like the Hollywood thing and like the Disney thing, can make people feel like their love isn’t crazy enough, not sweep you off your feet enough and sometimes you know, just not ‘enough’ enough so, here are my thoughts on love after a loooong time.


Love is not committing murder when you see that the toilet brush is viewed as some kind of untouchable bathroom sculpture as opposed to a handy cleaning implement.

Love is bringing me tea in the morning.

Valentines mug, not on the high street

Love is looking at two meals and choosing the one you know they would prefer.

It’s giving them the egg with the unbroken yolk.

Love is not giving a lecture when someone forgets to take out the bin or the washing or the kids.

Overflowing bin

Love is a gleam in the eye and a cheeky grin.

Mr L in Rome 2011

Love is shared history and shared ideas about where the future is headed.


Love is not pretending you’re still sleeping when the baby is wailing.


It is an unexpected hoodie to say ‘I missed you.’

Love is friendship and companionable silence.

Love is family.


Love is the unexpected flip of your tummy even after all this time.

It feeling proud of the others achievements.


Love is actually enjoying a mundane supermarket trip because you’re with the person who makes you laugh.

Love isn’t always easy.

It isn’t all hearts and flowers, sometimes it is just two people getting through day to day without killing each other.

But, for all of those days, we get little pockets of perfection which provide us with the happy memories to see us through all the rest, if we’re lucky.


Happy Valentines Day people.
Spread a little love today.

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    you are so right in every way. Love the photos. Love this post! Just perfect to remind us about what it truly means to show love, and be loved. I love the mugs too! I am obsessed with new mugs.


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