They say a picture paints a thousand words and I couldn’t agree more.
I love a good photo and can be transported back to specific times and occasions, right down to the sounds, smells and feelings just by casting a glancing at an old snap.
That’s the power of a picture.
An afternoon of well-intentioned sorting can pass in a blink if you happen across a box of these precious rectangular memories.
I sincerely wish I was better at photography and I would love to take an evening class to improve. It’s on the bucket list along with The New York Marathon and renovating a property.
When our first baby girl was born we were living in Surrey and my friend, Roz, took some absolutely beautiful pictures which totally capture the essence of B and I will treasure them always.
Rosalind Grace Photography
Rosalind Grace Photography
Rosalind Grace Photography
Now we’ve moved to the Wirral, Kate-Jade has taken some brilliant pictures and, it is one of hers that is now in pride of place above our stairs.
Kate Jade Photography
Kate Jade Photography
Kate Jade Photography
I know that lots of people consider photographers expensive, particularly given that if you’ve got a phone, you’ve got a camera but, in over two and a half years I reckon I’ve only captured a handful of images even half as good as those we have after a few hours with a professional. It really is a talent.
Anyway, all of this rambling is a long-winded introduction to Canvas Design.

Martin from the simpsons

Pick me teacher, I’m awfully smart!

When Canvas Design tweeted that they were looking for bloggers to review their products I basically did a Martin from the Simpsons such was my keenness to see the quality of their products.
Mr L and I have been half heatedly discussing the idea of a photo wall for some time and I thought that this might be the push that we needed to start actually knocking nails in. So, without further ado, I selected a photo including two of my favourite ever things;

  • My little little
  • A onesie.

I sent the pic over via email on Thursday evening and on Tuesday morning the canvas was delivered by courier.
So, what’s it like:
Well, it’s big!!
Canvas Design
I left it up to the company to decide which size would work best for the image and they plumped for 30 inches by 20 inches which means nothing to me. In terms I understand it is approx 75cm by 50cm which I think is bigger than I would have chosen but it looks absolutely amazing and I’m glad I left it up to them.
It was well wrapped in bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard so damage in transit was very unlikely.
The canvas is very light but doesn’t feel in any way flimsy and the frame is well constructed, looking on their site I can see Canvas Design use a heavy weight cotton canvas and pine gallery bars for the frame. photo (14)
To be critical for a minute, there were no instructions on how to attach the hanging kit which is provided and, being a DIY disaster, I would have preferred some guidance on this, even if I then choose to ignore them.
Price wise I think they’d be hard to beat; the quoted price for a canvas the same size as ours is just £29.99, including delivery. There are a range of larger and smaller options as well as collages and bespoke sizes.
The company is based in Lancashire and is over 10 years old so they should know their stuff by now!
Over all I am really impressed with the quality of the canvas, the speed of delivery and the price of the product.
Would I recommend it?!
YES and I have already ordered one of this print of the big little using my 15% discount code BLOGGER15 but I’ll go one better than that…I have one to give away.
All you need to do is leave a comment telling me what photo you’d choose for your canvas and why, and a winner will be drawn, at random next #WinningWednesday (5th March). Landscape, person, old, new, it’s up to you. I can’t wait to read your answers.
So, all that’s left for me and Mr L to do now is to create our very own picture gallery. Move over Tony Hart, there’s some new kids in town!
For clarity, the canvas was given to me by Canvas Design free of charge for the purposes of this review. All the opinions on this blog are, as ever, completely honest and 100% my own.
I can not guarantee that your canvas will be anywhere near as cute as mine. After all, I have given birth to some of the most beautiful children that the world has ever clapped eyes on…in my completely unbiased opinion.

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  1. Tricia murphy
    Tricia murphy says:

    Anyone’s that knows me, knows that my house is full of photos. From my fridge to my walls. (Much to my husbands dismay!) Memories and precious moments captured in an instant. Each photograph tells a story from our school years to our own children. I think photographs are one of my favourite things. Xxxxx

  2. Laura
    Laura says:

    We have just recently moved into our new family home and photos on the wall are yet to start! This would be an amazing prize to get our photos started up on the wall! Photos are treasured captured memories.

  3. Jo Vickerstaff
    Jo Vickerstaff says:

    Fab prize!!! I’d love a canvas for a pic of all the new kids on the block (all our little’ns…not the band)😊 xxx

  4. kirsty
    kirsty says:

    just last week I had my two girls 1st school photo taken, what better way to capture their early years and put it on display for all to see. xx

  5. Fiona Wheeler
    Fiona Wheeler says:

    My house is full of my first born , photogenic little girl, I need to balance the photo wall with a canvas of my gorgeous smelly tinker little boys, mummys routing for you Frank and Alf !

  6. Liah curtis
    Liah curtis says:

    I’m pretty sure I could think of 5 little things that would look great on a nice big canvas in our family room! 🙂

  7. Sophie green
    Sophie green says:

    I would love this prize!!! Just decorated my whole room so a lovely canvas on the wall would go nicely :)!!!

  8. Sophie green
    Sophie green says:

    Forgot to say what I would choose, it would be me and my partner on his graduation day as that was a very proud day seeing him graduate 🙂 xx

  9. Rachael Manley
    Rachael Manley says:

    This sounds fabulous! We have just had some (very expensive) professional photographs taken of our precious baby girl and would love to show her off in our newly decorated hall! Three weeks old in the photos but a tiny 5lbs-no way we will ever remember her that small I am sure!

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Ours is on our stairs and look brilliant so I am sure yours would look just as good if you were the winner. Yep, days pass so quickly, would be wonderful to capture such a special time. Xx

  10. Jane Catton
    Jane Catton says:

    Tanya the photo I’d chose would be the one of Aleck and Chloe. They’re looking very pensively both at something infront of them two of my favourite people and such a way away.


    I would choose a very resent picture taken at Chester zoo of Rory and his 4 cousins ~ 2 from my side of the family and 2 from his daddy’s side of the family! It’s not often they all get together as from opposite sides of the family but he loves them all so much and talks about them all the time! It would be for his bedroom so he can see them when he wakes and when he wakes up Kxxx

  12. Helen Griffiths
    Helen Griffiths says:

    Ahhh just lost my first reply!
    What a fab picture and fab giveaway! Hope I’m not too late.
    I’ve got lots of pictures of my two beauties and would struggle to pick just one for a canvas so without sounding like a bad mummy for not choosing them I’d pick a pic of me and my hubby on our wedding day. We got married in the most perfect setting in Santorini and the photographer captured the moment perfectly. I’ve got a favourite pic but haven’t got round to doing anything with it (it is on my to do list lol) and it reminds me of our day and would be lovely to have for our friends and family to see too as they couldn’t all be with us xxx

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      No it is not too late. 🙂
      That sounds lovely. We have a wedding pic on a canvas and it reminds me of a really lovely day when I wasn’t wearing jeans and a hoody with sick and snot on it!!
      GOOD LUCK, Thank you for entering.

  13. Ali Marshall
    Ali Marshall says:

    My hubby took a gorgeous photo of our little babbas teeny tiny feet when we first got him home. I would absolutely love to win this prize, so I could get this put on a canvas and have it hung up in my living room to remind us of all those special feelings we felt when we first got him home.

  14. Hannah crook
    Hannah crook says:

    We would absolutely love to win the canvas. We are also getting our photos taken by Kate jade on mon so would absolutely love love love a picture that Kate had taken above our stairs. We are in the process of decorating the house so it would compliment our new decor beautifully. Xx good luck everyone. Xx

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Oh wow. Enjoy Monday. Kate is a brilliant photographer so I’m sure you’ll get some great snaps.
      Looks like everyone is wanting a shot for their hall, stairs or landing. I am so chuffed with ours.
      Good Luck. Thank you for entering. 🙂

  15. Genna rourke
    Genna rourke says:

    Tanya I would choose a picture of my little boy when he arrives in June. We will have the usual bounty picture done at the hospital as out first snap shot of the little monster who has tourtured me for the last 9 months.
    These first pictures mean so much to me because they represent the end of the horrific 9 months and the start of actually bonding with the baby and feeling that the last 9 months have been worth it. They represent the start of something good after so much pain getting there. They represent that I won, HG didn’t and I am a strong lady who will do everything for our little family 🙂
    I have jasmines picture on our TV stand and I remeber looking at it when she was sleeping and thinking so ur the one causing me so much trouble…and ur heart just melts and the previous 9 months fades into the background. It’s a precious first moment of the end and the beginning in one x
    Plus I could really do with something to go right in these nine months 🙂

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      That is a really great answer Genna. Thank you so much for entering. 🙂
      I am thinking of you often and sending all the positive vibes your way.
      The first photos are really special aren’t they. Probably more so after such a difficult time.
      Good Luck. X

  16. Hannah Horne
    Hannah Horne says:

    My best friend’s little girl is just about to have major cardiac surgery. She is 2 and a half, she had her first op at 6 months which left her fighting for her life, she survived and grew stronger. She has now gone to America for her surgery. If I won I would keep the canvas prize for her Mum and Dad to chose a picture for them to enjoy xx

  17. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    It’s a photo of my son at 18 months looking so gorgeous and sooo cheeky, taken by a friend in his studio. The
    shot really captures his sense of fun and his energy, I love it.

  18. Becky pepa
    Becky pepa says:

    It would have to be a picture of my nan who came to visit me in holland when I lived there. We had space cake and more fun than I can ever remember having! This is my favourite photo of my nan (who is no longer with us). She has ice cream on her face and she is laughing her head off! I’ve given it in a frame to my relatives as a Christmas present and brought them to tears- it’s such a special photo!


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