Man alive, I am in bits.
I went to Bootcamp yesterday morning and ever since I have been walking like my legs aren’t mine. I am aching from just under my belly button (which, in itself is now only distantly related to where it once belonged) right down to my ankles. My ass in particular has had better days but, I guess, no pain no gain hey…please say yes and assure me that incredible results are just days away!
Well, incredible results would be just around the corner if I was not writing this whilst chomping on some Squidges cookies.
I have to, I was sent some to review. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!
Nom Nom Nom
Regular readers will know that I am a big fan on shopping locally, shopping independently and supporting small business whenever you can.
With that in mind, I was more than happy to chow down on some cookies made practically on our doorstep. Not literally, that would be weird and very likely have hygiene implications but, they are homemade on the Wirral. Nice.
Firstly, let’s just have a brief aside to deal with the whole issue of the word ‘cookie’. Some people are of the misguided opinion that cookie is just an American term for a biscuit.
It isn’t.
A biscuit is your stalwart coffee break snack. Something as ordinary as a Rich Tea to dip into your beverage of choice. They can be as highbrow as those ones wrapped in golden foil and found only in a purple box and only at Christmas. But even they will never be cookies.
A cookie is an entirely different beast and a Squidges Cookie is something very special indeed.
The tube of delightfulness arrived via Royal Mail just two days after I’d exchanged emails with Katie and, as soon as I opened it I was impressed by the packaging. There was a handwritten note which would obviously be personalised if it was a gift. A cute touch.
I would have been more wowed if the outer packaging had been more in keeping with the thick white cardboard tube and lovely blue ribbon. Brown paper and marker pen writing didn’t set the right tone for me but that is incredibly picky. (Since giving Katie my feedback she has decided to change this so I am well impressed- good choice!)

Absolutely beautifully packaged.

Absolutely beautifully packaged.

Anyway, once I’d torn off the wrapping I could immediately see I was on to a good thing; they smelt delicious, they looked fantastic; really fat and juicy and not too perfect. You could certainly tell they’d been handmade freshly as opposed to baked en masse by a machine. So far, so good. I hope you’re salivating reading this?!
And so, on to the taste test…I was sent 5 Oat, Honey and Raisin cookies which Katie suggested would be a good variety for for the whole family. Not too sweet, no chocolate etc.
They were big, moist and absolutely delicious.
Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

I had every intention of allowing the girls to have a taste one. I honestly did but, after I’d given one to my mum, one to Mr L and had one myself, there were only two left and, as much as I love my children, I just didn’t think that they would be able to appreciate or articulate, how utterly amazing they were so, having given up chocolate and caffeine and most other things that offer me any iota of joy (food and drink wise) for lent, I made the decision to keep them for myself. I don’t regret it.
Katie, who launched Squidges in January of this year, recommends putting a cookie in the microwave for 20 seconds and then serving with a dollop of ice cream as a full on dessert.
I absolutely agree. These cookies are not something to be mindlessly munched.
They are too good for that. They are a genuine treat and need to be really savoured and enjoyed whether warm with ice cream, or with a cup of tea and a magazine and blissful silence.
All of the ingredients used in Squidges are sourced from local companies (obviously not the chocolate) but the butter, the flour, the eggs, the milk and so on are all from Cheshire or North Wales so basically, if you are reading this in Cheshire or North Wales or round about,  it is almost your civic duty to buy some to help improve the economic outlook for local businesses!
I’m not going to lie, at almost £15 a pop (including delivery), Squidges Cookies are never going to become a habit but that is not the aim.
They are meant to be a thoughtful gift for someone special and, with the lovely touch of a handwritten note with each order, they really do fit the bill. You couldn’t fail to be pleased if someone ordered some Squidges for you. (please read between the lines here Mr L!)
Squidges are going to be selling at local food fairs over the course of the year so I would recommend making a beeline for her stall if you see it and trying some of the eight varieties of cookies on offer currently, the next one I fancy is intense chocolate but that will have to wait until Easter Sunday (and, for someone to order me some!)
And now on to the best bit…Katie has very kindly given me a tube of her luxury cookies as a #WinningWednesday prize. The winner can either keep them for themselves (recommended!) or can opt to give them as a gift to their very own someone special (direct route to heaven).
To be in with a chance of winning this Mother’s Day competition please leave a comment below stating your name or visit the competition via the Squidges Facebook page The competition closes on Wednesday 26th march at 6pm to ensure there is time for them to be delivered for Mothers Day but, you don’t need to be a mum or even plan to give them to a mum to enter, everyone’s welcome!
Right, that’s all for now folks, I’m off to shake the crumbs off my sheets and get some shut-eye. Yep, that’s correct, I have been eating them in bed. Very naughty. But very nice!
Hey Bert!

Hey Bert!

Squidges sent me these cookies for review. Though I like to think that they are calorie free they in fact are not But they will be worth every last mouthful, I promise!

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  1. Hannah camden
    Hannah camden says:

    I have been meaning to indulge in these for sometime!! Perfect gift idea and supporting a local business!! Need these in my life!

  2. Faye Rose
    Faye Rose says:

    I have given up tea, coffee and all biscuits/cookies for lent so think these will be the perfect way to end lent 😉

  3. Helen Griffiths
    Helen Griffiths says:

    Omg I’ve just dribbled reading this ans somehow a Maryland cookie just won’t do. I neeeed to try these (a Mother’s Day pressie to myself must be allowed) but of course I’d share them with my wonderful mum xxx

  4. Steph Mclaughlin
    Steph Mclaughlin says:

    They sound delicious and who cares about a few calories! I wonder if Katie would like to set up a stall at our Tongan Cyclone Fundraising Day on Saturday 26th. April at St Anselm’s School playing fields.


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