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Hope that you are all well and happy? I am, mainly because I have a brilliant #WinningWednesday prize for you this week…check it out; Oh, and just for clarity- incase I saw you yesterday or something and I was having a ‘mare, I wrote this post on a Saturday night (loser) having been over to Liverpool on the Friday. Now I’ve cleared that up, read on!
Yesterday was a fantastic day. 🙂
Me and the littlies headed to a new baby and toddler group in the morning- it was free as they are just starting and looking for feedback (I’m not sure they were looking for quite as many opinions as I gave but, you know me, I’m not shy of speaking my mind!)
Long and short of it is, I don’t want to see kids crayoning a slide and I don’t want to pay more than £2 for the privilege but, with the offer of tea and toast at any time, I reckon I’m in, if they can promise to make all of the changes that I suggested!!
We stayed until the bitter end of the group to really wring the value out of the freebie and then headed over to Liverpool to have a swizz at a new shop that’s recently opened in the Met Quarter. (For those of you that don’t hail from the North West, this is where you’d find the shops I salivate over. I’m talking Kurt Geiger, All Saints, MAC, Jo Malone and Diesel).
It is also home to Carluccios where I had a whole plate of pasta poured directly into my lap by a wailing toddler. That was a slightly less happy day!
The shop in question is called The Pudding Club and, is the brainchild of Alexandra Macleod who, like me struggled to find quality maternity clothes when she was expecting. She, unlike me, decided to do something about it and for that, pregnant women everywhere should be grateful!  the pudding club
I remember when I was pregnant and, wearing the right clothes had such a huge impact on how I felt both physically and emotionally.
In the early days I didn’t want to look like someone who had eaten the entire contents of Gregg’s for lunch and, by the end; when the security guard at work was visibly horrified to see me still at work each day; when I was the size of a whale, I wanted to feel confident that the way the whale was dressing was as flattering as possible. His face suggests I had some way to go on that score.
I wish I’d known about The Pudding Club then.
The girls and I were treated like royalty as soon as we entered the store. We were given some utterly amazing chocolate cake (from Patisserie Valerie) and some delicious (alcohol free) fizz and, even when the big little spat it out all over the floor because she wanted to try it but didn’t like the ‘pops in her mouth’, no one batted an eyelid.
Whilst Lynsey entertained the girls, who by the way were so astoundingly cute and well-behaved (minus the spitting incident)  it was tricky for me not to become a hideously smug Muma,  Emma gave me a brilliant tour of the shop and talked me through all the brands they stock, she really knows her stuff. There is plenty of room for a buggy and the clothes are easy to browse and wander around. I thought it was really lovely, perfect Met Quarter fodder.
So, what have they got for you? In short, LOTS!
If you aren’t pregnant right now ladies, might I suggest an early night. There is such a gorgeous, gorgeous cropped brown letter jacket, that it is worth the pain of labour simply to have rocked that bad boy for 9 months and, after my experience, I do not say that lightly.

Maternity leather jacket

Look at the beauty of this. So soft too.

There is also a ridiculously clever idea from a brand called Bibee Dresses. Basically, you buy one dress and you can change the tops (bibs) to create different looks depending on the occasion. It is stuff like this that makes me so jealous of people with brains. Who came up with that?! It’s amazing. Bibee dress
There is also a great selection of dresses for that really special occasion. After all, there are few worse feelings than being sober at a wedding and looking like crap. Having your other half continually put a top hat on your head whilst you feel like an elephant on the dance floor surrounded by gazelles is not a great moment for anyone. It will be less painful if you are wearing a seriously smoking hot dress, some of those silicone things for the balls of your feet and, very probably some Spanx. Believe me, I know. Tiffany Rose, Amelia
The real reason that The Pudding Club exists however is to ensure that you can find THE perfect jeans to see you through your pregnancy and, if you are as attached to eating for two as I was, for some time afterwards (read a year). Nappy Bin
Now, some of these jeans are expensive but I’d like to simply say this; there is absolutely loads of stuff that you do not need for your baby. For example, who on gods earth came up with the idea that it’s better to ferment your babies dirty nappies in a warm nursery for a day instead of getting them out of your house as soon as is physically possible. I believe that your money is better spent making yourself feel as good as you possibly can.
PPB_Central_Park_North_Carry_all_mediumI am sure I can find some evidence to show that the feel good hormones are better for your child than sleeping in a nursery with their own excrement.

Buy the best jeans you can and don’t feel guilty for doing so. 

AAARRRGGGHHH. I want to tell you about the underwear and the changing bags and the Bridal range but, because I can’t go through the whole stock cupboard of the shop I’m just going to give you my top three purchases and you can get yourself there (either in person or via the power of the web) to check out the rest.

1) Jeans- they will be your staple, your saviour and your second skin. Try on lots and make sure your ‘go to’ pair are in a classic shade.

maternity jeans

Under bump, skinny fit, ideal for flats…you’ll wear a lot of flats!

2) An Isobella Oliver Top- I am still wearing mine most weeks after nearly 2 years. I love it.
For a run of the mill vest top they seem expensive. That’s because they are so you need to think cost per wear here people. They are fantastic quality and, as your temperature will fluctuate will work well with layers.
Doesn't fade, stretches as much as you do and will cover your bum as well as your bump. Perfect.

Doesn’t fade, stretches as much as you do and will cover your bum as well as your bump. Perfect.

3) A dressy dress- See above for the reasons behind this. You need a dress like this in your life.
It will perk you up and help make you feel a million dollars when you’re wearing a top hat and no shoes at a wedding full of fabulous people who have been drinking for close to 12 hours and telling you the same stories for around 6 of those.
Tiffany Rose, Amelia

Absolutely beautiful and comes in lots of colours.
Ideal for a special occasion.

So, there you have it my lovelies, being pregnant is a magical time. You are growing another human for crying out loud but, sometimes it feels a little bit URGH. On days like that, when you want to lie on the couch with your feet up watching Homes under the Hammer and Location, Location, Location but you have to go and be professional or at least mingle with other humans (halflings or not) you need to feel the best version of yourself that you can and Alexandra and the team are the best people I’ve met to help with that.
Brilliantly, The Pudding Club have a beautiful Tiffany Rose, Amelia Dress to give to one lucky winner (see picture above). This excellent prize is worth £169. If you have a special occasion on the horizon (or if you want to wear it to feel gorgeous doing the dusting, leave a comment saying why you should win and a winner will be selected at random next Friday. You don’t need to be local, we can post it out to you if you win so tell your mates and have a go.
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Good Luck!
Lots of love,

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  1. Natalie jones (Cosgrove)
    Natalie jones (Cosgrove) says:

    I would love to win this beautiful dress as I’m really hoping I will be pregnant very soon. The last 12 months trying to achieve this have been traumatic but fingers crossed I’m nearly there x

  2. Genna
    Genna says:

    Oh what a stunning dress! I would love to win this dress and get all dolled up….I actually shaved my legs for the first time in 26 weeks last week! So I am thinking night out with the hubby while I can eat bit better and some fun and giggles before we get our second little bundle of fun in June xxx
    Do they come in whale size? 😉 xxx

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is lovely news….baby number three hey- oh god, you are making me think now….if you don’t feel gorgeous in this dress then nothing will do it! Good Luck. x


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