YO YO YO! How you doing dudes? I’m hoping that you’ve got that Friday feeling and are looking forward to the weekend…
My feelings about this weekend are somewhat mixed; I am ‘running’ the Liverpool half on Sunday which I am that special blend of nervous/excited about but, after that I will be filling my face with pasta with my babies, Mr L and his family and, hopefully having a pint (nit pickers- I gave up alcohol 6 out of 7 days so this is still ok!) EEEK!
Anyway, this is meant to be a succinct run down of my week so lets crack on shall we?

READING: What have I been reading? What have I been reading…well, this week work has been crazy so I have been all about the emails but my absolute favourite of those was from my boss and said the following:

I need to go to New York on a business trip. I need a plus one, want to come?

Now, in olden days, this would have been an absolute no brainer. A NO BRAINER. A trip to the city that never sleeps? The place that is so freaking cool they named it twice…I’m in.
I re-read the email and my tummy flipped. I was absolutely thrilled to be asked but, I didn’t want to leave my babies for almost 5 days. The longest I would ever have been away from them for.
I decided it wasn’t plausible and emailed Mr L who gave me a metaphorical slap around the face and a pep talk and so, I’m going to New York to talk to people about a job I absolutely believe in and, I will be able to tell my babies when they are big enough to follow my lead and grasp life with both hands. (But I really hope that Facetime works, I am feeling emotional just thinking about it).

New York Picture

New York City Baby!!

Watched & Heard- Once I knew I was going to be away from my girls for 5 whole days it was much much easier for my to put down my phone and my iPad and everything else and just concentrate on being really with them, concentrating fully on them instead of being side tracked by stuff that can nearly always wait but, I had to pick up my phone to record this. Best thing ever!![youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHUJ30Q64nM]
Worn- Some brand new yoga socks! I think I mentioned last week that I’ve started doing hot yoga which I absolutely love. It is amazing (if you’re Wirral based you need to get yourself to The Yoga Rooms pronto) but my feet always slip when I’m downward dogging so to speak and, rather than smash my face into the floor I opted for some none slip socks. DO NOT BOTHER! My tootsies were too hot and sweaty to keep them on for more than 10 minutes so I just had to hope for the best and only fell on my face once tonight…I’m improving! And, amazingly, I was able to sneak a selfie whilst doing a shoulder stand…I need to wax.
Dogs doing yoga


Made– This week people I can proudly announce I made an awesome carbonara. I am carb loading and taking it very seriously! Oh, by ‘made’, I mean I bought a fresh sauce but, put my own twist on it by adding more onions, peas, mushrooms, more bacon and some chilli flakes. It was a bit like Ready, Steady, Cook!!
And lastly- the #nomakeupselfie thing. Hmmmm;  This is all over Facebook and I have been tagged lots of times but I wasn’t sure what the idea was behind the whole thing. It turns out that the original idea began in 2008 with women who always wore makeup being sponsored to #gobarefaced. Ah ha, now I get it! So, now that has evolved to people showing their support by posting a pic sans slap and donating to cancer research or a similar charity.#nomakeupselfie
Here’s mine, I have donated and, important to note, I was not nudey rudey in this pic, it’s post shower and I had a towel on! But, to touch on the other side for a minute, a no make up selfie for me is absolutely no big thing. I regularly wear no make up because I prefer my bed to my mirror and, if I get my make up out and forget to put it away the fall out can be serious! I look better with make-up, I absolutely love getting my face done by a pro at MAC but going without doesn’t change me- or any of us.
It’s sad that for some women being seen without a full face of make up is just not something they’d consider. I know a girl who used to set her alarm for an hour before her fella so she could sneak into the bathroom, remove her make up, reapply and then go back to bed so she’d look ‘nice’ when he woke up. How sad. That means never waking up, rolling over and having a minging pre toothbrushing snog. That’s not a world I want to live in.
I am hoping that my children will have the confidence to experiment with crazy make up, wild clothes and hair crazes but I also hope that they will know that their true beauty comes from the inside and is something that I see shining from them daily whatever they are wearing (or not) So, in short, it is brilliant that by going barefaced we are raising money and awareness of cancer and finding a cure BUT there is a bigger picture for us all to consider here and that is the whole perception of beauty and what is acceptable and not. I just want to remind my friends that you are GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT and that will never change in my eyes.
Roald Dahl sunbeams quote
Happy Weekend all.
Lots of Love,
This link up is hosted by the lovely Morgana at ‘But Why Mummy Why’ Ace hey?! Love the Little things butwhymummuwhy

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  1. Ali Marshall
    Ali Marshall says:

    fab blog – i am very excited for u for ur new york trip, you totally deserve it!!! BB rocked twinkle twinkle little star, archie was smiling at the phobe and kissed it!! 😉
    Re slipping on your towel during downward dog – i can totally recommend a towel called yoga bum – you will never slip again!!! Mothers day pressie maybe??!!! X

  2. butwhymummywhy
    butwhymummywhy says:

    New York??! How exciting! I am super jealous.
    Love your little ones rendition of Twinkle twinkle, really cute.
    I was a bit skeptical of the no make up selfie thing to start with wondering what it had to do with cancer research but now people seem to be donating too and it’s raised a ton of money so I’m 100% behind it now. x


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