WHAT!! it’s the last Friday in March? The clocks are going forward this weekend? It’s nearly EASTER? Who’s doing this??
I know, I absolutely know that it makes you sound like you are a trillion when you start saying shit like-

Ohh, the time just goes doesn’t it?

Haven’t they grown?

It doesn’t seem like two minutes since it was Christmas…

Well, sign me up to Saga people because I am old, it’s out there. Time is flying. And, because time is flying, it is time for another of my weekly round ups, Love the Little things. Enjoy!

READING: This week I have really, really been trying to share in the whole blogging, commenting, sharing shenanigans which I struggle to find time for but, in doing so I have found a couple of great new blogs- mainly thanks to Jenny at Lets Talk Mommy and Victoria at VeViVo Thanks Gals, no wonder you were both short listed for the MADS! Check them out and cast your votes! PS- any tips on how to make time to blog?!

Verily Victoria Vocalises
Let's Talk Mommy

WATCHED: This week the little little has started walking!! YEY- Proper on her own, loads of steps walking. She is amazing. I adore her! Obviously I appreciate that this is what babies do and, how all parents feel.
They lie, then roll, then crawl and then, it’s all about the walking but she is mine! I made everyone at baby group watch, as if their own kids haven’t all done exactly the same thing! Sorry ladies and, thanks so much for humoring me!

HEARD:  I have had lots of time for music this week, especially whilst I was making my way round the Liverpool 1/2 marathon course- thank god for my playlist!! It was my savior. When you are slogging your guts out and running directly into a gale you need a bit of this to stop you from hurling yourself into The Mersey I think. Thanks Kelly you gorgeous creature.

WORN: Well, what I haven’t worn this week is my finishers tee-shirt. Thanks to some mess up with the delivery or something BTR had run out by the time I arrived at the finish. Total first world problem I know but I when I didn’t get any jellybeans either I was not impressed! Happily though I did get a medal! Check me out.

No teeshirt. Sad times. that'll teach me for going so slowly!

No tee shirt. Sad times. that’ll teach me for going so slowly!

MADE: Mr L’s family came up for the weekend and kindly looked after the girls whilst we were running so, I thought it was only fair that I actually cooked something for them so, I made a lasagne. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was pretty good. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe and really easy and tasty. The big little helped me with it, all kitted out in her chefs hat and, it was a really lovely opportunity to spend some time with her talking about the ingredients, hearing her count and chatter and sing into a carrot- obvs! I do have a question though for all you cooks out there…how do you manage to serve lasagne tidily? how does it not end up all over the place looking like a dogs dinner?!
Cooking with kids
cooking with kids

Still a bit of a Chandler smile going on…

AND LASTLY: My super cool job is taking me to The Palace (again) on Monday- What a bind!! We are launching a really brilliant new thing but I can’t tell you anymore about it at the moment, what I do need to ask is…what the hell am I supposed to wear? Last time it was easy, it was a meeting so I just wore normal work stuff. This time I have a gold embossed invite and a dress code

‘lounge suit for men and equivalent for ladies’

Thanks for that, what IS the equivalent?? I’ll have an exciting update on this next week I hope…
photo (25)
Happy Weekend all.
Lots of Love,
So, you know I didn’t get shortlisted for the MAD Awards (sob!) you can help raise my self-esteem again by nominating me for one of these bad boys instead (if you like)

This link up is hosted by the lovely Morgana at ‘But Why Mummy Why’ Ace hey?!

Love the Little things butwhymummuwhy

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  1. Ali Marshall
    Ali Marshall says:

    Love this!!! It always puts a smile on my face on a friday morning. Super super cute pics of bb. Love her chandler smile!!!

  2. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    OMG I was just working my way through all the sharefriday links and then I started reading yours and saw my name!!! YOU ARE AMAZING thank you so much for mentioning lil ole me. I can’t tell you how much that means to me and just made my night. The blogosphere has truly blown me away from all the love and support they are sending me. I can’t believe after blogging for six months people are actually reading my blog! and liking it. Makes me nervous too though. lol hahaha I am so grateful. Enough about me, I love the #littleloves linky Morgana is my friend in real life long before we even realized we both blog but I love joining in each week sharing the little things we love. Your song is great. Congrats on the marathon that’s great! The picture of your lil one and the carrot is so adorable! Love little helper cooking! #sharefriday great post my lovely.

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Thank-you. There is alot of love and support in this good ol’ blogging community isn’t there- fab! Morgana’s linky is brill. Love it and hope to meet you guys in real life soon too!! x

  3. Katie Clark
    Katie Clark says:

    Well done on the half marathon! 😉 I’ve recently got into doing more linkys and chatting more in the blogging community – loving it. #sharewithme and #pocolo are two of my favourites. Found this post on #sharefriday 🙂


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