My Facebook feed is clogged up with Mums telling the world what a marvellous Mothers Day they’ve had. How terrific their toddlers have been and all the sunshine and flowers that have filled their days.
That is not what mine looked like.
My Mother’s Day has not followed the traditional formula of being gently woken with a cup of tea and some lovely hand-made cards.
Mr L was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I went out with my besties last night and, based on historical events, the husband felt that what I would like most on Mothers Day was a lie in. Particularly since we’d already had an hour stolen thanks to the whole ‘spring forward into summer’ thing. Annoying. It was a fair guess but (based on historical events) I stuck to beer last night and didn’t go mad as I didn’t want to waste the day feeling retched. Smug is not the word.
So, no tea (given it up for lent), no chocolate (ditto) and, it seems no weeing on my own. Not even on ‘My Special Day’.
I was handed my cards whilst sitting on the throne and only had a cursory glance at my present which was a lonely planet guide to gods own, Wales. Brilliant.
We delivered my mums presents played there for a bit and then drove to the park.
The car journey which would usually be 10 minutes took the best part of an hour thanks to stupid road works and no diversion. So, at least I had time to look through my book. OMG. Mr L had suggested a day trip and had marked (don’t worry puritans, only with post it’s) possible places for us to head to with a picnic. NOOOOOOO.
He thought, that because I didn’t mention it, I didn’t want to go. Obviously it was too late to make a day of it and we are in stationary traffic with no way out I decide, very practically, to cry about it. Well done Mrs L. Useful.
All of this is happening to a backdrop of 101 Dalmations on CD and the big little calling Muma Muma Muma on a never ending loop and, when I answer as patiently as I can, she says nothing. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh.
Eventually we get to the park and get out. We had decided to try something new today by taking the truck and trike with us to try to reduce the whole carrying carry on…
The little little loves her truck and walks all over he place with it at home. She is so active. Except today. She refuses to walk a solitary step with her truck and instead lies face down on the pavement.
The big little on the other hand is powering ahead with her trike. Excellent. Basically a family day in different time zones!
The first thing we see as we arrive at the park is a beautiful Dalmatian. She is open-mouthed to see one in real life and I begin to feel that things are picking up.
And, following a brain wave I’ll liken to the genius of Alexander Bell, we put the little little in the truck and let the big one push. #WINNING! The picture of my beautiful girls and my lovely family overwhelms me and, guess what, I cry. FFS. Who does that?!

During a wailing interval!

During a wailing interval!

We wear out the swings and have a good old run around and then headed home for the picnic lunch that Mr L had prepared for our day trip 🙁 and then, as a treat, decide to head to Parkgate for an ice cream. YUM.
It’s at this point that the whining really steps up a gear. There is wailing because she wants to walk. Wailing because she won’t hold my hand (I’m not a needy parent but near busy roads there are rules!) Wailing because there are people on the wall so she can’t walk on it. Blah blah blah. It is annoying and, when I raise my voice at her I can feel the happy Parkgate public judging the miserable Mother’s Day mum. Hideous.
The idealised picture I had in my brain of us walking along, slurping on our ice creams as the girls chatted and giggled playfully is, quite frankly laughable. I basically downed my (amazing) doubleheader sharing it with two streaming nosed children whilst policing the wall to ensure neither of them plummeted into the marshes below. Not worth the calories if I’m honest. Too much stress today!
Anywho, the day reached its glorious climax when, as I was taking off the big littles shoes she slapped me around the face. WHAT??
Terrible Two’s?! They were today. Please someone give me some advice on how to deal with this brain melting tantrums- quick! They are sending me up the wall and round the bend!
I’m linking this whole miserable post to Katie at Mummy, Daddy, Me’s linky of The Ordinary Moments’ BUT, that doesn’t mean I want this to become the norm!! Just real I guess. 🙂
Happy Bloody Mothers Day.
So, you know I didn’t get shortlisted for the MAD Awards (sob!) you can help raise my self esteem again by nominating me for one of these bad boys instead (if you like)
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  1. mami2five
    mami2five says:

    I have had some Mother’s Days, and birthdays, that sound exactly like this! They do get better, this one felt like my first ‘real’ mother’s day as the two eldest planned and bought stuff themselves and they will be 13 in a few weeks! dh is always a bit useless with it all, I’d be lucky to get a card if left to him so I usually ended up buying my own flowers lol
    As for the tantrums? There’s no hard and fast rules mostly its just a case of waiting for them to grow out of it and making sure they feel loved and safe in the mean time, even though we usually feel like kicking and screaming alongside them!
    It also depends on the child, I remember sitting on the floor in the middle of Cardiff holding one screaming, thrashing out 2 year old until she calmed down after about 10 minutes. She would have hurt herself if I didn’t so I just held her and spoke gently in her ear till she calmed down.
    Then another time I found myself standing on the local square with the other 2 year old laying on the floor screaming and kicking. She was safer left to her own devices and me and her sister just stood chatting till she got bored! We got horrid looks off people both times. The other two were never too bad luckily.

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Thank you, thank you. It’s good to know there is another side! I think I finding it hard as this is brand new behaviour and up to this point she has been a really chilled and easy baby. She still is 90% of the time but, if you ask for a strong, independent little one! this is what you get I guess. Hey ho. So glad you had a good day. XxX

  2. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    Oh no! so sorry haha, I deal with Sienna’s tantrum by distracting her. It’s a tip I got from super nanny! Just scoop them up and show them something else or ask them a question they like answering or explain why they can’t do something, but they can do this instead.. I think sometimes options and choice help them feel a bit more in control that just being told no. However, I do understand that sometimes nothing works and they don’t listen! Good luck! x

  3. mummydaddyme
    mummydaddyme says:

    Haha I shouldn’t chuckle but you wrote this so well! That is a gorgeous photo of your lovely children, definitely worth a cry! 😉 And also I know what you mean about the perfect idealised family day, whenever I build up those kind of days those are always the days where my three year old kicks off. Always!

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Thank you! Always nice to get a compliment 🙂
      I think that whenever there is a big old ringed date in the diary it will usually disappoint but that’s why ‘The Ordinary Moments’ are so important hey! xx Thank you for commenting lovely.

  4. Merlinda (@pixiedusk)
    Merlinda (@pixiedusk) says:

    My son slapped me once at the Ikea Restaurant near here. It was .. I was shocked and so was the people around me. It made me think and mostly embarrassed … My mother day is not that good as well and today as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for us. #ordinarymoments

  5. suzanne3childrenandit
    suzanne3childrenandit says:

    If it makes you feel any better, mine was pretty crap too! I had requested a day of ‘no screens’, which didn’t mean that was all I wanted for Mother’s Day – goodness, after 13 years, have they not learnt?! When I did switch my phone back on at 8pm, I was greeted by a barrage of perfect Mother’s Days on Facebook. This made me feel even more sorry for myself. Facebook has a lot to answer for! I am sure they appreciate you really 😉

  6. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Love this I feel like somedays are like this for days on end. Terrible twos are really hard. I got one and another one right behind him to hit it. Hopefully not at the same time. l am sorry that your mother’s day went a bit stray, it’s hard to have that day with your kids and them to understand to be perfect just for one day. Our job is never done is it? Thank you for linking up to Share With Me linky this week. Love reading your posts.Hope next year they are good for you and it really is a Special Special day for you. #sharewithme

  7. Steph
    Steph says:

    Ah yes – the idealised vision of how we would like the weekend to go. Do you think we’ll eventually give up on these?! PS I cry about most things, you’re in good company x #sharewithme

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      I worry that we won’t!! I always feel disappointed by big events…I think I need to chill out and lower my expectations but I somehow don’t think I will. Ah the crying…literally everything will turn on the waterworks these days!

  8. Vicki Psarias
    Vicki Psarias says:

    Ooh the build up to these so called perfect days (when motherhood is imperfect) is silly isn’t it yet we all do it-adore that you cried over your beautiful girls, they seem perfect to me too! Thanks for linking up to #brillblogposts


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