No big deal but I’m writing this post en route home from the Palace! What eve’s, no biggy and all that but, yes, in short I have been hanging with a Duke and a Will.I.Am today. Moreover, we’ve been talking code…Oh yeah, I put on my very best, I understand all of this intelligent shizzle hat and I talked tech with some actual, important people! BOOM! I think I might have actually pulled it off.
So, as I sit on the train home in my post Burger King stupeur; here’s how it panned out, in real time…
I got to the bus stop about 90 seconds after the bus sailed by and so was lucky enough to sit and wait for another 18 minutes before realising I’d left my invite inside. of course I had. Of freaking course.
Crossed the road, saw the bus, crossed back and decided to risk it so I headed to Lime Street without a clue whether I’d be allowed in at the palace or not…
Got on the train with minutes to spare and luckily enough, sat opposite the noisiest family in the universe. What, kids in first class? Should be illegal! For two hours I was treated to the dulcet tones of a dad playing on his tablet, replaying the Liverpool game; WITH THE SOUND ON, two kids incessantly stirring their drinks and a muma who might very well be feeling like I did yesterday and was trying- with more success than me, to tune out totally.
You might think that as I am a mum of two who sometimes make a noise or create a scene in inopportune areas I might be feeling a little sympathy towards this. Just to confirm, I’m not. I was the ultimate passive aggressive until the little girl just smiled at me- she was gorgeous and I immediately tuned down my Victor Meldrew.
So, I arrived at the Palace way ahead of time and, because I am a skinflint my passport name doesn’t match with my real name…£84 to change it after marriage, I don’t think so; we could divorce at any moment! (Kidding, it takes months!)
Inevitably this leads to a curfuffle and, rather than sweeping through the crowds of tourists with a ‘don’t you know who I am’ glance I am left standing there like a lemon whilst my credentials are checked. As you might expect they are flawless, the cops eat humble pie and I swan in, only tripping on the gravel once.
The next debacle is that I am not allowed into the launch room due to the rehearsals and so I am given a minder to sit with lest I sprint up the stairs and steal a corgi or something. I don’t but, I do have a conversation with the lovely Lorna and I ask how she landed such a cool job (she says she applied on line after uni. Pimps!) Get on it people, what a cool job to have on the CV hey.
Anyway, time passes and people arrive and eventually the real reason for this whole big shindig can be revealed…The IDEA Scheme.
An amazing new initiative to support young people to turn their business ideas and plans into successful digital enterprises.
Now, I don’t wish to patronise but, if you’re old-like me, it si very possible that you really don’t have a handle on how massively important this is. This is the future. For kids this is basically the Topsy and Tim of the day. They need to know this stuff. As one of the young people said- this is basically like a ticket for todays Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Winning an award like this could be genuinely life changing, and not in a going to a factory with yor grandad in his PJ’s kind of way.
This whole thing is The Duke of Yorks gig. He is working with The Nominet Trust to engage and encourage young people into believing in their ability to make things happen, to set up on their own if they want and to get out there to experience enterprise, entrepreneurship and gain experience. It is a seriously ambitious plan.
The aim is to have engaged a cool million kids by 2020….who knows whether or not we can pull this off. I hope so.
I am so excited to be involved and absolutely want one of the winners to hail from Young Rewired State.
Let’s cut to the chase though shall we- get down to the nitty gritty of the event…
There were a few specific highlights of the day for me;
1) Stealing a selfie with Will.I.Am (who, quite frankly, could not have been less into the selfie with me if he’d tried!)
2) Meeting George The Poet- the most engaging and articulate person in the room by a country mile. A.M.Azing. Check him out here. Now.
3) When Andy (aka the Duke Of York) had to stop his speech because the chopper landed in the back garden!! Turned out to be the corgi’s out for a spin again- why can’t they just walk like normal dogs?! Rude.)
4) Meeting Ian Livingstone who is the brains behind Dungeons and Dragons. I am not even kidding. The actual Dungeons and Dragons. Plus, he had a natty lining to his suit- tres cool!

Will.I.Am! (and me)

Will.I.Am! (and me)

So peeps, the long and short of it is this- Yes I’ve been to the palace, yes I am now automatically to be considered a higher class of person than yourselves. That’s just the way it is but, console yourselves with the fact that, if you know anyone who is 16-25 you can send them our way and encourage them to take part in the whole IDEA scheme. It’s going to be amazing.
If you want to know more- you’re going to need to check these links out pronto. Xx
Can’t wait to update you on what happens from here. Exciting times people. 🙂
Oh, and another big plus is I’m the only person in my carriage on the journey home and so have been plied with crisps and sarnies. YEY ME!
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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Wow sounds like you had an amazing experience. Lucky you. in a selfie? WOW even if he was less enthused I wouldn’t have careful as long as he was in the picture for proof. hahaha Glad you had a great time and got home safely. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Loving reading your posts and off to have a peak at your blog now. #sharewithme

  2. Honest Mum
    Honest Mum says:

    What an INCREDIBLE experience, Will I Am is a hero, totally dope, a genius to boot and I am terrible envious-thanks so much for linking up this special post to #brillblogposts

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      You need to check us out- Young Rewired State and I will be blogging more about all of this shortly as YRS are my BritMums sponsors. Keep your eyes peeled!


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