Evening All.
I hope you’ve had a good weekend? Mine has been pretty standard fare, you know, the sort of adult admin that if you’d ever been warned about as a child you would have headed straight off to Never Land lest your free time accidentally got filled with tasks such as steam cleaning your kitchen floor when in your head you imagined nothing but shopping, champagne and acceptance speeches; ah reality! Don’t you just love it…
I’ll be honest. I am destined to live a life of bitter disappointment as I persistently and doggedly believe that everything is going to be amazing. I never, ever learn. Take the steam cleaner for example; everyone extols the virtues of them but no bastard tells you that you’re going to need those plastic shoe protector things you get in theatre or at new build when you’re using it to stop your feet from getting soaked. Very annoying.
It is extremely rare for people to give you the brutal truth about anything; when I was pregnant not one of my friends said to me- look out for the occasions when you’re bathing your child in the middle of the night to remove the clumps sick from their hair and, just when you think you’ve got it all, they poo in the bath for good measure!!
No one ever, ever seems to say that wedding night sex is more likely to be you, alone  in the bathroom jumping up and down like a kid on a pogo stick just to get yourself out of the ‘control underwear’ you had underneath your frock. Yup, wake up guys, it ain’t a pearl thong and nipple tassels and, by the time you’re all sorted the groom is out for the count.
All of these things are taboo!!
It seems to me that people (by which I mean me), are always thinking that perfection is just around the next bend. I’ve been searching for it since the beginnings of Britpop and that was 20 bloody years ago now. Radio 6 are doing a week of shows on it to make me feel even more ancient!
I thought I’d find it at yoga but no, my competitive nature means I would rather faint mid Warrior than give up before anyone else in the class- I’ve not quite got into the yogi mindset yet it seems and, when at a charity quiz on Friday my team mates thought I was joking when I gave nil points for the answer ‘The girl who kicked over the hornets nest’ That IS NOT the name of the book!! Oh, and PS- the quizmaster can’t just repeat the questions over and over…listen or loose out…god bless my kids, they haven’t got a prayer!!
But, I am beginning to see the merit in ‘Good Enough’. It massively takes the pressure off but it is a slippery slope. One day you’re asking yourself if it’s ok not to iron pillow cases (it is) and the next you’re asking yourself if just turning the duvet cover upside-down and giving it a blast of fabreeze is an acceptable level of hygiene (it’s not…apparently!) Is it ok for the kids to have strawberry laces for breakfast; will they count as one of their 5 a day?!
I guess it’s all about priorities isn’t it. I could be doing my cleaning and ironing now. I could be planning our meals and getting the breakfast stuff out for the morning. I could be repacking the changing bag and all that jazz but I’m not going to. It’s a Sunday night, it’s my 1st blogiversary so I’m going to head downstairs, grab a beer and watch Breaking Bad. Maybe I’ll resume my search for the perfection tomorrow…
Lots of love,
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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    This is hilarious I love it. I sort of felt like I was reading it about myself a little too. my kids have no chance between my husband and I were are both SOOO competitive even with each other there is no hope that they won’t be the same or worse. We even try to out do our own kids at puzzles and games already they are 2 and 9 months old how sad is that. I love the reference to yoga and you would rather pass out. I have been obsessed with bikram yoga (hot) forever and when I first started I didn’t care it was my first time in hot yoga and doing any type of yoga ever, and there were regulars around me I was not gong to sit down in that 100 degree room or give up until that 90 mins was over, come death or not. 😉 Love your posts always keep me reading and wanting more. Thanks for linking up again to Share With Me it’s great to see you here each week, appreciate all the support on the linky and blog! 😉 #sharewithme


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