What did you dream of being when you were little?
Did you have a dream job?
I did. I had loads;

  • Criminal Psychologist,
  • A List Hollywood actress
  • Nurse.

As it happens, aside from being ‘boatswain number 1’ in a school production of The Tempest, I have not managed to achieve any of these early ambitions, no matter today I have found a new dream job…I want to be a DJ!! 
Yesterday morning I went into the Dee 106.3 Radio Station to talk my own special brand of nonsense to Gavin Matthews, the breakfast presenter. I know what you’re thinking; Man alive, how low is the crime rate in Cheshire to warrant you getting a gig on the breakfast slot?
Well, two things…crime is very low in these lovely leafy suburbs thanks but, even if it wasn’t, whose day wouldn’t be brightened hearing my dulcet tones as they drive to the office?!slider-gavin
So, I was basically invited to fill a gap in the schedules and, as I am happy to attend the opening of an envelope, I needed absolutely no persuading to go and chat about my blogging, Young Rewired State and, Mums in the Know.
Mr L reminded me that I have actually been on the radio before. Once on a rainy Saturday when I phoned in to request ‘Imagine’ and once to The Danny Baker Show to respond to his subject ‘I’ve spilt something on a famous person!’, A tale for another time I think but, I had never been to a studio and actually been a guest!
It was fab. It was basically like chatting to a mate with other people listening in. At least I hope there were people listening in, if you weren’t, I am looking for a way for you to listen again- fear not!
Anywho, after my 5 minutes of fame, I hopped back in the car and headed back to Mother and Baby group in time for toast and the hotly anticipated Easter Egg hunt. (By hunt, what I actually mean is retrieving eggs from the church pews which were in plain view of everyone except, it seems, my children who dived under the chairs and went a little bit feral. All reports suggest that they were angelic prior to my arrival…does that happen to anyone else?!)
During my journey home however, an extremely rare occasion; me in the car alone, allowed to listen to my choice of radio station or CD I pondered what my new life as a radio DJ is going to be like and compiled a list of my top three interviewees:
1) Moira Stewart- The obvious questions I could go for would be what was it like to be the first black female news presenter working for the BBC throughout the ’80’s and ’90’s. Did you encounter any of the sexism that we are hearing so much about now?
The more important questions for me are; Why didn’t give me an autograph when I asked (politely) aged 8 at a county show in Wales and, are you really dating Pam St Clements…cutting edge journalism right there people.

The embodiment of the 80's!

The embodiment of the 80’s!

2) Katie Hopkins– Just one question here- You, in my mind, are the very embodiment of a narrow minded, self important, imbecile…You can not possibly honestly believe half of the things that you say. Are you secretly really a lovely person with a pathological desire for attention? And, why can’t you look up properly- do you need a chiropractor?
Chill out angry pants.

Chill out angry pants.

3) Beyonce– You are an utter delight!! Is it ok that I a bit want to be you?!

Absolute gorgeousness

I am aware that I should include some political figures and other persons of note and, my list is expanding by the minute- mainly to include Aaron Paul.
Who’s on your Would love to meet list and, what would you ask them?
Until next time peeps,

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  1. suzanne3childrenandit
    suzanne3childrenandit says:

    Great post and how very exciting! I think I would be absolutely terrified being interviewed on the radio. Well done you! So I would choose Alan Carr cos I love him, mainly because he makes me laugh a lot and he knows how to laugh at himself. I wouldn’t choose a politician either *yawn*.

  2. wrymummy
    wrymummy says:

    Ha ha, loved this! Am very intrigued about what you spilt on which celeb! Your radio show sounds right up my street, let me know when it starts 🙂 I’m chuffed to feature on Friday Favourites with you!

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      I spilt a whole jug of water of John Barnes, Jamie Redknapp, Jason Macateer and Someone else! They were at the table next to my friends and I and when I tried to get out for a wee I totally knocked it over. Idiot!!
      I wish I had a regular radio show, it was just a one off…I’ll let you know if I’m asked back. I had a fab time.
      Was chuffed to be on Friday Favourites too. 🙂


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