Every so often there is a day, or a few moments within a day, that remind you why you don’t really mind the trudge through the normal, the boring and the seriously stressful. It isn’t a big thing, just something routine, something even that is sometimes a chore. It is what we call an ordinary moment and I have had that with my babies today. The Ordinary Moments
For some reason this morning the stars aligned and everything went like clockwork. No, more than that; everything was sparkly, sugar coated and gorgeous and, rather than let this moment slip away into the ether I wanted to remind myself and my babies why they make my world complete.
Today my darlings I woke before you and had time to wash and dress and everything before padding into your room to get you both up and ready for the day. You were awake already and chattering to each other- I wish I could bottle this delicious gibberish, it melts my heart to see you so engaged with each other.
Today, no one cried, no one fell of the changing table and everyone liked the clothes I had chosen. We sang songs together as I combed your hair and put on your shoes and put you in the buggy for the trek to nursery.

Such an amatuer, scuse the finger!

Such an amatuer, scuse the finger!

Today the sun was out, the wind was gentle and we could smell the cut grass and the flowers.
Today we counted cars and shared raisins, held hands and sneaked smiles before I got you out at nursery and you both happily kissed me before toddling off to play with your friends.
And when I picked you up it was more of the same. We retraced our steps, talked all about your day and wallowed in each others company with cuddles and sloppy kisses and cozy nug time. It has been simply perfect. So I wanted to tell you, again, I cherish you both. I love you so very much and  you make me and your daddy very, very proud.
Memories are made of this my darlings. Swwet Dreams,

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  1. Katie @mummydaddyme
    Katie @mummydaddyme says:

    Oh what a lovely lovely post, it made me a little teary. I love those days where things just seem to go right, you don’t do anything different and it’s all very ordinary but they just make you feel good. They are the best days! x

  2. Le Coin de Mel
    Le Coin de Mel says:

    Those ordinary moments (when it all goes well!) are the best, aren’t they? I just found your blog through the badge feature on #PoCoLo. Mel


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