Yep, this week my blog is one year old! WOW- who knew I’d stick with this bad boy for a whole year hey? Feel free to drop by with a cake.
I started this blog as somewhere to offload my rants and ramblings because Mr L was working away and I was home alone most nights with nothing to do! Over the course of the year I have posted 125 posts, I have had over 45,000 unique views, been on a local radio show (if you want to listen, its on my Facebook page!) and had some really lovely feedback and comments. Thank you.
So much has changed since I started and I now find myself having to crowbar in my blogging between work, babygroups, two gorgeous girls, real life and…a husband that now works a bus journey away!!
That’s the real difference- I now have someone to talk to each evening and that means that the blog can sometimes feel a little neglected. I often feel it scratching at my brain like a puppy that’s been left out in the garden and wants to come in for some attention. Beagle_puppy_portrait
It is bloody impossible this blogging malark- I see so many others with amazing photography, super slick videos and I wonder why the hell I bother but, pondering on it I realise that blogging is a little bit like life- of course it is, I am recording my family life so, it’s no surprise that mine is a little less slick, a little less polished and a little more real than some of the others I’ve happened upon because this is mine.
It is my space to be me. To off load what’s important to me, to ramble about what makes my family so super special and so, I’m going to do my best over the coming year not to compare myself to the other blogs out there. Not to feel like the scruffy, dowdy blog with nothing interesting to say and I’m going to write just for us so, when I am old and grey I can reread these posts and reminisce about how seriously, seriously lucky I was to be someone as close to having it all as anyone ever is.
Thank you so much for reading and sharing with me so far- Here’s to the next year!
Lots of Love,
Oh, and if by any chance you fancy helping me to celebrate my first blogiversary, you could nominate me for a BiB award, I know what I just said about blogging for me and all that but who doesn’t want an award?!
You’ll need the following:

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  1. pottymouthedmummy
    pottymouthedmummy says:

    Wow happy birthday! You’re a toggler now eh 😉 this post is lovely and agree on the impossibility of what were all doing here. But it’s ours and for us so that’s worth it. Looking forward to meeting you at britmumslive xxx

  2. Honest Mum
    Honest Mum says:

    Happy Blogiversary, blogs are so personal and mean so much to different people-the beauty and originality is in your voice! Fab! Look forward to meeting you at BM Live. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, do link back or add my badge please!


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