Sport- what does it mean to you? Are you a fanatic, a couch potato or somewhere in between?
I definitely wouldn’t call myself a fanatic but there are certain things in the sporting calendar that simply ca not be missed;

  • The Grand National
  • Sports Personality of the Year and
  • The London Marathon.

Today is the 34th London Marathon and I along with millions of others will very likely be weeping into my weetabix as we watch the thousands of runners raising millions of pounds for some amazing causes. Obviously there’s the elites and this year I’ll be rooting for Mo- fingers crossed all that quern and PMA will have paid off…
London Marathon 2011
But, I think for most of us, the bigger story is about the ‘normal people’, the ‘fun’ runners!!!
I have run that course 3 times. It is an absolutely mind-blowing experience. So emotional and heartwarming to see all those that have slogged and trained and sweated and toiled through the winter to stand nervously on the start line and then, hours later, hang a medal around their neck and hobble back to the tube as a hero. 20130819-221806.jpg
One of the charities I am supporting this year is Grief Encounter. It supports children who have lost their parents When a child’s parent or significant loved one dies, their lives change forever. See my totes emosh post here if you need convincing. As well as the sadness they feel, they are often left confused and full of fear and anxiety. Grief Encounter helps families address difficult issues such as death and we help make sense of the hurt and confusion. Above all, we aim to help them find ways out of the abyss of grief.
A brilliant blogger that I follow at Life as a Widower is running for them so, if you’ve got £2 to spare, send it their way hey?
Massive Good Luck to everyone running today, especially my friend Kate. You will all do brilliantly.
Tissues at the ready, they’re under starters orders…I’m so going to be back there next year- do you fancy it?
Have a Happy Day Guys,

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