I never knew how much I didn’t know about myself until I became a mum…today’s news is…I have become a ditherer. I am so afraid of making a wrong decision and inadvertently committing my children to a life dressed a princesses and refusing to climb trees that, when a totally simple email popped into my inbox I was floored…

Here’s what happened… The lovely people at Oxo Tot have launched some new products and wanted family Leary to give them a whirl, write a review and host a give away- so far so good. They wanted to send us a Twist Top Water Bottle and a Flippy Snack Cup. Brilliant. Here comes the tricky bit…What colour would we like them in…Pink, Green or Blue…I was floored. WHAT HAVE I BECOME???

Looking at the selection I could see that, whilst they were all lovely, if the big little was going to choose herself she would go for the pink, no question. My brain went into over drive…Oh my word, has society conditioned her already?? By choosing pink am I reinforcing the gender stereotypes and forcing her into a world where she won’t feel able to achieve as much as her male peers??

check out the range!

check out the range!

I’ll go blue…no, that’s too far, it is a lovely baby blue though…I’ll opt for green. After around 10 minutes of major procrastination, I actually opted for my third favourite of the three, just to feel satisfied that I wasn’t putting my babies in the girly girl box. WHAT is parenthood doing to me?? GOOD GRIEF, it’s exhausting to be me sometimes; absolutely ridiculous. (Important to note here I think that their playroom is pink so clearly I am totally barmy!) Next time you see me, feel free to slap me with a wet fish if you have one to hand.

Anyway…A couple of days later the goodies arrived and, whatever the colour, they are really brilliant.

Oxo Tot

Super Douper Sippy Cup!

The Big Little, now 2 1/2 is too old for a sippy cup but, if she’s not concentrating is a little hit and miss with a big girls cup. Spending my days mopping up spillages isn’t my fave way to while away the hours so this half way house is ace for us. Having a magic straw is a brilliant way to encourage her to drink enough water and the handle makes it easy for her to carry about. The only slight fly in the ointment is that, every time she puts it down the little little goes straight for it.

Something else that took a bit of getting used to for her was the fact that, as it has a straw, once it is less than half full, if you tip it up, you are sipping fresh air. I have had to explain lots of times that she needs to hold it straight but, she’s got the hang of it now! The non-slip top makes it easy for her to open and close on her own which, in itself is a bit of a game since she’s becoming little miss ‘I can do it all by myself’…soon I won’t be needed at all! It retails at £8, it’s on the pricey side so, you might want to do what I tend to with new clothes…think of the cost per use- we use it every day at it is good as new, despite being thrown around the kitchen floor most days! (Ferrel children. Dreadful.)

So, the water bottle is all good but, my favourite thing is the Flippy Snack cup. This is absolutely perfect for us. We are out with the buggy most days and, when we head to nursery twice a week the girls don’t have brekkie but need a little something before toast and milk when they get there.

They have good appetites and would inhale anything before we got to the end of the first road so, the cool lid slows them down a little but never seems to frustrate them. Perfect. It can be dropped and won’t break or spill it’s contents and holds a good amount of food. We tend to use it for blueberries, raisins, grapes etc anything little fingers find easy to grip. At the moment the little little is happy for her big sis to take charge and, it is one of my absolute favourite things to see them chatter and share their snack. I often hear ‘Be patient Baba’ from the big little as she doles out the fruit! At £6.00 it is the price of a bottle of wine and, I can almost guarantee it will make you less likely to need to reach for a bottle at the end of the day! Double bonus. I am not at all surprised that this won the Loved By Parents ‘Best New Product to Market’ Award.

6114100_Flippy Snack Cup_green

check out the soft top…I’ll never afford one on a car!

I’ve got to be honest with you here and admit that, whilst I clearly am in overdrive on the whole gender stereotype thang, I’ve never paid much attention to the BPA, plastic thing. After all, it was ok for our mums to have a tipple throughout their 9 months and it seems to me that advise changes every two minutes whatever we eat, avoid and all that but, for your piece of mind I can tell you that Oxo’s stuff is free of these ‘nasties’. Plus, whilst they are dishwasher safe, thanks to the wide lid and removable straw attachment they’re really easy to wash by hand too, See!

Oh shoot, is this teaching that a womans place is in the kitchen?!

Oh shoot, is this teaching that a womans place is in the kitchen?!

Poor old Cinders...argh, another stereotype!

Poor old Cinders…argh, another stereotype!

Oh, and because I’m lovely, I have made sure that Oxo tot have a set for you guys too. All you need to do is drop me a comment at the end of this post (or on my Facebook page)…perhaps you could tell me how you feel about the whole gender issue!! and a winner will be selected at random on the 30th April.

Happy #WinningWednesday Everyone!




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  1. Faye Rose
    Faye Rose says:

    I don’t know about you but I think the kids always go for (and love) anything that isn’t theirs. I mean if I bought Jacob a pink cup he wouldn’t want it but when my niece comes round with her Disney Princess cup its the best cup ever!
    Also I have never steered Jacob into the direction of cars but he has just naturally been drawn to them yet on the other hand when we go to play groups if there’s a pram he heads straight towards it ….. but puts a truck in it of course 🙂
    We shouldn’t worry about what we do or don’t do we should just let the kids be kids and enjoy the innocence of it all.

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Totally agree Faye- just let them do their own thing and see where that takes them…I just can’t accept things like lego friends though!! hate it. x Thanks for commenting. x

  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    I made a dress for a friends little girl when my oldest (now 2) was 1. As they were the same age and i needed to check the size was ok, i simply slipped it on him. Since then i have been a firm believer of certain gender boundaries. Aged one he managed to look like a drag queen and he hated it! I still have a sneeky giggle at the photo (taken for future bribing purposes obvs) .

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      HA HA!! That’s funny- he’ll be so cross when you start showing that to girlfriends! it is strange what children gravitate towards and away from isn’t it. x

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      I heard this idea on the Chris Evans show recently- fab idea, esp as kids get older, then they can’t deny what belongs to them so they have to tidy up after themselves! x

  3. Rayne
    Rayne says:

    Our eldest (girl) was into pirates, trains and football until she got to school and suddenly pink is THE thing. We still try to spread it out a bit though so that not everything is pink – a healthy balance I think!

  4. ghostwritermummy
    ghostwritermummy says:

    The look fab!! I’ve always let the kids decide for themselves. For a couple of years my eldest daughter loved black, then brown and more recently red. My son and I love green and my youngest daughter will always go for pink. ALWAYS! Who knows why? She just likes it 🙂


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