Yo dudes,
Hope you’re alright and winding down nicely to a glorious bank holiday weekend?
I can’t believe how ridiculously quickly this year is speeding by- It’s MAY FFS- How did that even happen?? The last couple of weeks have been mental for me, I’ve been busy busy at work, visiting family, blogging and I don’t even know what else but, it has caused me to miss my very fave post of the week two weeks running…I am hanging my head in shame so, in a vain attempt to catch up and clamber back on to the beautiful bandwagon that is ‘love the little things’, here is my whistle-stop tour of the Leary week…Oh, btw,- I did do a post for Good Friday but by the time I had wifi to post it, it was waaaay too late but, if you want, you can take a swizz here.
Right then, what have I read: Well, on Wednesday night I was glued to twitter waiting to see who had been shortlisted for the #BiBs2014. Finally, at around 10:30pm I saw a link to the shortlist. I got butterflies in my tummy as I really wanted to be on the list…I read and I read and, I wasn’t there so I sent a few congratulatory messages so people would think I was a gracious individual and went to sleep in a huff. What a child!  The next day a couple of blogger mates tweeted me to tell me what a dufus I was- thanks dudes! and that everyone was still waiting for the list to be announced…cue an email popping into my box (not a euphemism) saying;

BritMums is very excited to let you know you’ve been shortlisted for a BiB award. Well done!
BiBs 2014

WOO HOO!!! I was absolutely made up. Genuinely really, really chuffed. I am not even going to pretend to play it down. THANK YOU to everyone that nominated me, I really appreciate it. Cheers!

Heard: Today I have been to Liverpool and I heard some awesome buskers opposite Liverpool One. I love a good busker. They were a 4 piece band and they were clearly having a wicked time. They were singing Waterloo Sunset, a brilliant tune and it put a spring in my step and a smile on my face all the way down to the bank.


Watched: Last week-end we went to Billy Smarts Circus. I really want to tell you here what an amazing experience it was. How much we all enjoyed it and how I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend that you go when it arrives in a field near you. What I can tell you is; I think I may have actually died at least twice during the performances because my feral children were stressing me out so much. If I’d have had one of those heart monitor things on, it would have been off the scale.heart monitor The acts were incredible. There were women hanging from the roof of the big top by their heads and teeth, there was a woman juggling fire on a motorbike with her feet and I spent most of my time ensuring that our little little didn’t undo all the Velcro patches keeping the curtains up, eat the popcorn from the actual floor of the tent (not even ours) and crawl beneath other peoples seats, occasionally hitting her head. In short, she is a shoe-in for becoming a circus performer in the future- you heard it here first people.

What to do when your child is picking food off the floor...Take a snap, obv!

What to do when your child is picking food off the floor…Take a snap, obv!

The big little was enthralled however and spent the majority of the show sitting on her dada’s lap mouth agape pointing at the flying people. It was good, you should go. Seriously.

Worn: I might as well just get this out here; this week I have worn really massive pants. I am behind with the washing (and cleaning and cooking and shopping, basically anything that would fall into the ‘housework’ category) and as a result I am down to the dregs of the knicker drawer. I know they are bad because Mr L said the following to me last night…

Big Pants

Big isn’t always beautiful.

Jesus Christ, how big are those pants?

They remind me of the massive net bags we used to put footballs in after training. I reckon you could get around 10 balls in them. (hopefully not a euphemism) 

If ever I have needed an incentive to get the washing on, it was that. I nearly wet my massive pants laughing so much!

And another thing: So, you know the whole #BiB’s thing? I would really love it if you voted for me. Only 6 in each category will get to the final and I really would love to be one of them. I have a really shit ‘well done you’ face so, unless you want me to make an utter idiot of myself my doing a full on lie on the floor tantrum akin to a toddler in a supermarket, during the awards, please just put a tick in my box…also not a euphemism. All you need to do is click the link and it’ll take you right to the voting form…I’m in LAUGH, category 13- don’t bother to check out the competition- I am totally the funniest on there*

Until next time my lovelies.



*Definitely not factually accurate…you can check the others out if you want!!

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  1. Kerrie McGiveron
    Kerrie McGiveron says:

    Well done on being shortlisted, you are my SWORN ENEMY NOW clearly, as I am shortlisted in the Laugh category too! ha ha. I was WELL SHOCKED to see my name there, and I am so looking forward to Britmums and the awards and everything. Look forward to seeing you there, and good luck! x


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