Sit on the potty

Try for a wee

Come on my darling,

Please try it for me.

Natalia is doing it,

And Amelia, and Beau.

Come on my baby,

Please give it a go.

It’s not on your radar.

It’s not yet your thing.

You’d rather by messing about on the swing.

I really can’t blame you,

It’s not any fun.

To sit on a cold seat,

And wipe your own bum!

Why would you bother.

You can poo as you play.

Sitting on a potty just gets in the way.

I’m a little half-hearted,

I’m too laise faire,

And honestly, I’m more bothered about your mad hair!

There’s some tell tale signs,

that we sometimes miss.

It’s not a big deal

Until I slip on your piss. **

I don’t want to push you.

There’s really no rush,

You’ll just dig your heels in if I start making a fuss.

So don’t worry darling,

Don’t follow the crowd,

When you finally do it I’ll be ever so proud***


**True story! OWWWW

***Seriously though- please try not to wee on the bedroom floor during facetime with Nanny and Grandad…it makes me look bad!

Love Muma.



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  1. lifeatthelittlewood
    lifeatthelittlewood says:

    Oh my goodness, I love it!! Really made me giggle and so flipping true – I did the piss slip too, resulting in a massive gash and anti-inflammatories. It’s dangerous, this parenting lark!! Brilliant poem Muma! Xx #sharewithme

  2. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! So funny. it’s a great way to see the funnier side of a very frustrating time with toddlers. I hope it’s going a lot better for you than it ever did me the first time. Second time not so bad. Now we are in the opposite he won’t go, holds it all day. eeek how to untrain that one??? lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme Great poem.

  3. mummystodolist
    mummystodolist says:

    Love the poem – hope you didn’t do yourself any damage slipping!!! It’s almost like they know what we want them to do but it’s more fun to make us wait! Very early days for us so I’m quite calm about it all – for now at least!


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