Hello Hello My Dears,
So, another Friday rolls around and, as ever, it has been a pretty busy one for us- Nothing of real note, just life bounding along at an astounding rate. There are only 2 bank holidays left for the whole year now- better make sure we spend them wisely hey! Right then, Friday means two things…
1) The weekend is coming and
2) The quite brilliant; Love the Little Things…here goes:

Read: Last Saturday I tentatively started a little feature called One for Me, One for You (A Saturday book Review) it is basically a review post talking about an actual, proper Grown Up book and, because we can regularly be found curled up in a nook, there is one for littlies too. I really enjoy reading, and writing and hope to instil the same sense of quiet, calm pleasure in our girls so recording the books we have enjoyed is a lovely thing to do and will hopefully introduce me and you to some new stories and authors. So far so good. Have a swizz here if you want the full reviews.
Paula Daly Author

ISBN: 978-0-552-16919-6
Author: Paula Daly

ISBN: 978-0-85763-108-4 Author: Caryl Hart Illustrations: Sarah Warburton

ISBN: 978-0-85763-108-4
Author: Caryl Hart
Illustrations: Sarah Warburton

Watched: Now that Breaking Bad is done and dusted we need a new box set to get into but, it doesn’t fee the same to snuggle down and watch the telly when the nights are so long and light now. We will probably wait until Autumn to start on another series, when the nights draw in and it doesn’t feel so wasteful to be indoors sitting on the sofa. Don’t worry, we haven’t given the telly away (not with the world cup coming up!) we have watched a couple of the new 3 part dramas, one of which is PREY. Have you seen it? What do you reckon? I don’t want to say too much incase you’re doing the whole catch up thing but, so far, I’m not keen on the cop leading the investigation, she’s not concentrating on the job- perhaps she’ll put her snickers down for long enough to figure out what’s going on next week but at the moment she’s missing lots of stuff! Listen to old Juliet Bravo over here! But, snickers are lovely…(as is John Simm) Mr L isn’t all that taken with it to be honest but we’re sticking with it for the final episode on Monday- it’s on the iPlayer if you need to catch up though.
Prey ITV
Heard: This morning, whilst I was ‘making’ breakfast the little little was calling for her Daddy. Before I had chance to say anything, the big little said:
‘Dada has gone to work to get some pennies for the family!’
All very mafia.The Godfather
It is so lovely to hear my babies talking to each other and to be able to have genuine conversations with them but it does remind me that they’re growing every day and that makes me a little bit sad…don’t grow up too quickly babies.
Worn: This week, probably for close to the last time, I have worn my babasling and carried both of my babies in it, obviously at different times.
I absolutely love being able to do this. To hold my babies so close, to cuddle and chatter with them whilst we go for a wonder. I know that people hold different views on slings and god forbid that I start referring to it as ‘babywearing’ but, if you are expecting a baby, I would absolutely recommend you get a sling- there might be a sling library in your area, if so, get on down there and try some out. It’s the best thing we bought by far. Baba Sling
Made: Last week I was one of the trillion bloggers selected to be a #MorrisonsMum. I haven’t done too many reviews as a blogger but I really enjoyed it and, the fact we were given £80 to spend was a bonus. We made some meatballs which were easy and tasty. That’s right people, you heardme- I made something this week and it actually worked; I say ‘worked’, we actually ended up with 50 because I didn’t think to simply freeze half of the mince webought- idiot. Anyway, I divided them up into individual meals and have frozen them. This is the single mosthousewifey thing I think I have ever achieved. (Recipe to follow…some day…!)
cooking with kids

Yes Chef!

Meatball recipe

There were 3 more of these trays!! Over kill perhaps?


Mmmmm Thanks Morrisons!

And another thing: So, when are you meant to put your baby in a big bed? We are resisting at the moment since the big little (3 in September) isn’t at all bothered and, if she is promoted to a big bed, she might start getting out and waking her sister up…all advice welcome…I still don’t have a clue on this whole parenting thing!
Too much?!

Too much?!

Loads of Love,
Miraculously I’ve made it onto the #BiB’s 2014 shortlist in the LAUGH category. I’d love your vote, click the badge and it’ll take you to the form. Thank-you.

If you fancy checking out more #littleloves over on Morgana’s blog, Butwhymummywhy just hit the badge and it’ll take you right there. Clever hey!

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  1. liquoriceuk
    liquoriceuk says:

    I agree with holding off on moving into a bed if you can. My eldest is also 3 in September and still in a cot with no current plans to go into a bed (although we do now use a readybed for travel as her sister needs the cot)


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