Evening All, I hope you’ve had a glorious weekend? We have had another busy one; yesterday my friend Lyndsay and I headed to a Red Cross first aid course for Babies and Children and today Mr L has been in a 10km…we went along to watch. And now it’s Monday eve- blugh!
Anyway, I popped to the shops this week and got lured into the magazine section- sweet b’jesus- there are magazines for EVERYTHING these days aren’t there?! My Cat, Make a Hat, Adopt a Bat…seriously- there’s no limit to the weirdness that people are interested in hey (welcome new readers!!)
One of my personal faves however is Ideal Home Magazine- I love it. Only the Next Cataglogue can compare- I have to read them with a tissue close by incase I salivate over the pretty pictures of how your home could look if you didn’t eat, breathe or have pesky kids playing and stuff!

Anywho, in a previous life, Mr L and I went to the Ideal Home Show in London. It was absolutely amazing. It was, quite frankly all sorts of homeware porn.  Imagine my unadulterated joy then, when the lovely people at MancFrank asked me if I’d like to go along to the first Northern Ideal Home Show in their 106 year history. Yes please!

WOO HOO!! I am really excited as, now we are living ‘tup North, we actually have the space (if not necessarily the money) to consider some of the funky stuff that they have on display and for sale. I wonder how much it costs for me to purchase Mr Clarke.
So, I’ll be heading to the show on the Friday and, because I am all about you guys, I flatly refused to darken their doors unless I was given tickets for a giveaway so one of you lucky people could go and check it out too…it was either that or they offered them with zero prompting from me, either way, its good news.
The show is divided into 8 sections including Ideal Interiors which will be policed by the flamboyant LLB- I feel able to call him that as we used to share a greengrocers and butchers when I lived in Greenwich…the fact that I lived in a ex-council flat at the top of the super gorgeous street is neither here nor there people- we were practically neighbours. I’ll offer the air kiss; obv!
Then there is Home Improvements with George Clarke. Clearly, it would be wrong for me to ask him to check out my amazing space (I’m kidding!) I will of course be the consummate professional and try not to get flustered! I will not bring the blogging world into disrepute. If you are planning any DIY, this is the place to be. There will no doubt be the sort of whole house storage solutions that whip me up into a frenzy. Yup. I. Just. Said. That.
Ideal Gardens was my fave section last time- there are so many gorgeous patios and pods and my brain basically just swarms with the amazing things we could do now we have a garden bigger than a stamp- word of warning here though peeps- buying the products does not automatically translate to gorgeous garden…Diarmuid Gavin can give you some pointers though. IHS13_6390[1][1][1][2]
There is shopping, technology (who doesn’t love a gadget) food, drink, a champagne bar and, the jewel in the crown; the Ideal Technology Theatre which will host talks and demonstrations from the nation’s most loved home experts. With everything from gardening advice to renovation and planning tips the theatre will be the ultimate place to pick up the tips and tricks to improve your home. If I’m perfectly honest though, I think I’ll just be happy sat, sipping the fizz with the ‘celebs! I’ll be sure to grab a selfie. 🙂
Ideal Home Show
I can’t wait to get over there- if you fancy checking out the first Northern Ideal Home Show, click my rafflecopter link below and enter now! A winner will be selected at random on SUNDAY 18TH MAY.
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Loads of Love,

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  1. sarah
    sarah says:

    Nothing to do with the post really….but you are helping through a breakdown….of the vehicle kind I’m happy to say :-). Past 11 and sat on an m53 slip road with a police riot can behind me…..yes id love an ideal time but more importantly an ideal car….by that I mean one that moves! Not a big ask really…I don’t want a talking car just one that responds to the turn of my key.

  2. sarah
    sarah says:

    Van not can & home not life….although life also….but then that begins the debate of the ‘ideal’…..ramble ramble :-).


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