As I write this is’ I am a little bit dying inside since around half of this post has just disappeared, un-saved, from my screen. URGH.
Imagine if you will, the funniest opening paragraph that you may ever have read. It was that, now lost forever into the ether that is the www. Hideous. I guess that’ll teach me for leaving things to the last minute hey…it probably won’t though.
I started writing this at 6am Saturday morning and had visions of the littlies sleeping in beyond seven so I could post this and schedule others- cue them waking up moments later and screaming “I want my dinner” from their cot (clearly this was only the big little but you get my drift) It is now 4 bloody 22 on SUNDAY and I can’t sleep so here I am trying to catch up- MADNESS!
So, instead of the sleep deprived shadow of a person that I am trying to recreate the unadulterated brilliance of my earlier writing, I will simply refer you to my 3rd Saturday book review.
It is great to hear that so many of you are enjoying this. If you have any recommendations please give me a shout and I will get on it as soon as possible.
Without further ado, here are this weeks book reviews…
One for You: Snuggle Bunny.
This is a large, square, hand puppet board book and it is a firm favourite in our house, particularly with the little little.

ISBN: 9781848774384

ISBN: 9781848774384

I’ll be honest with you, this is not the type of book I like. Basically, they only suit you if you are an octopus. You need a hand for the puppet, a hand to hold the book, (facing out to your audience) one to turn the pages and you have to remember to do the actions- it’s no mean feat!
I always feel like my hand is slightly too big for the hole so turning the pages isn’t a smooth operation but the girls never seem to notice my grazed and bleeding hands which could have the effect of making the bunny look like its road kill. *
So, the premise isn’t complex. It’s the end of the day, bunny is tired and needs to put his toys away, have a wash and get ready for bed…not unlike what your own offspring might need to do pre-bedtime. Genius.
We usually read this once the girls are ready for bed and supping milk in our bed.
They love to stroke bunny’s ears, be kissed and cuddled by him and the tickles never fail to raise heart melting peels of laughter which is a sound I love above all others.
I suppose there is potential to get kids over excited with excessive tickling and so on but, let’s be honest, that would be your fault, not the books and it’s easily done. Believe me.
The emotional complexity that snuggle bunny can offer will be largely down to your dexterity. Ours struggles to rub his sleepy eyes but, for unadulterated cuteness, it is a brilliant book and one that is a firm favourite in this house and will be for a long time to come I think.
*obviously this is a huge exaggeration purely for comic effect.
One for Me: How to be a Woman. Caitlin Moran. 
Caitlin Moran, How to be a woman

ISBN-13: 9780062124296

This is basically almost everything that I have ever wanted to say written down in a concise, hilarious and fiercely intelligent kind of way.
If you are a woman, know a woman, have ever been a woman or are trying to raise a woman, this book needs to be read.
With quotes like this on topics including but in no way limited to feminism and minges, what on earth is there not to love;

Here’s a quick way of working out if you’re a feminist.
Put your hands in your pants.
a) Do you have a vagina? and
b) Do you want to be in charge of it?
If you said yes to both, congratulations. You’re a feminist!

And my personal favourite:

It saddens me that 13 year old girls are spending what little money they have on waxing…they should be spending it on more important things like getting as fat away from home as possible. Take your furry minge to Dublin, that’s what I say!

Basically, this is a whistle stop tour of Catlin Morans journey from a teenager in a full to bursting family home in Wolverhampton to becoming an actual bona fide grown up via the NME and a rock throwing incident amongst other things.
She has spent proper time with Katie Price and, her view on her is as scathing as mine which is heartwarming since she has first hand experience of the woman.
She has also had Lady Gagas head in her lap which must have made for quite a night. There are loads of anecdotes and just as many brilliant and intelligent points on why society is currently totally up the wall. I nodded along like the Churchill dog all through the book.
She is a cooler, more successful version of everything I absolutely wish I was and, in much the same way as she felt about Madonna in the 80’s I absolutely hope we never meet lest she looks at me like an utter cretin and my fragile self-esteem is crushed into dust!
Possibly a little dramatic!
Anyway, the long and short of it is, this is a brilliant read and it absolutely needs to be in your life. Fact.
So, there it is, Saturday Book Review #3…only 1 day late! If I have tempted you to go out and buy them, please check here for your local shop, you know my views on Amazon don’t you?!
What to read this week; answers on a postcard please (or a comment- it’s up to you!)
Loads of Love
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  1. Chantelle Hazelden (@MamaMummyMum)
    Chantelle Hazelden (@MamaMummyMum) says:

    aaaa children are so well timed aren’t they lol. I adore puppet books, our favouries are the little learner ones from parragon. how to be a woman souns right up my street, I love a good laugh especially when I van relate to what is being said. Thanks for linking up to #ReadWithMe I have pinned and tweeted this post x


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