Watcha! Happy Saturday People.
Learning my lesson from last week and taking heed of the stress less tips that Aviva has kindly sent me (more of which tomorrow) I am writing this way in advance of publishing, 2 days infact- yey me!
Infact, I am writing this in the sanctuary of one of my very favourite places. A bookshop cafe. Aaaahhh- Bliss!
There are few things in life that make me happier than perusing the shelves of a bookshop. I can easily lose an hour if left to my own devices with no one tugging at my coat and, happily, it seems that the girls are growing up to enjoy  the same (though obviously they need to be monitored lest they should try to escape and need rescuing by a random as they head for the door as happened in the bank this week, cue much tutting and eye rolling from the elderly of Heswall- oops!)
The only slight issue is that there is always so much I’d like to buy, read or give- I could spend a fortune. Thank goodness for libraries, charity shops and those book swap thingys. But, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new book though and that is exactly what I have treated myself and the girls to this week- absolutely no need but I am pleased I did.
Anyway, incase you’re new to this; it’s pretty simple. Family Leary choose two books each week to read and review. They might be something we already have, they might be something we’ve bought or borrowed or something we’ve been sent to review but, you will always get our genuine opinion; good, bad or ugly…
ONE FOR ME: This is a review of a real life grown up book- This could prove to be the down fall of this feature…me finding time to read a book each week and then tell you about it. If I start reviewing the TSS advice sheet you find in all good tampon boxes, you’ll know I’m struggling!
ONE FOR YOU: The YOU I am referring to here is my babies- so, this will be a children’s book that we have read and enjoyed. This shouldn’t be too tricky since both girls love books though for the little little they are used more as elements of an obstacle course as opposed to a literary educational tool!
The weather this bank holiday is destined to be burgh so, if you do get the chance to get cosy nug with your brood or, on your own, settle in with a cuppa and blanket and get into a book. Here’s what we’ve been reading this week…

ISBN: 9780857868787

ISBN: 9780857868787

This was recommended to me by the lovely Michael in Linghams. It is a world away from anything I would usually select, the font and the cover didn’t pull me in and, as he was using words like philosophy, maths and politics to describe the book I was basically thinking shiiiit, how am I going to politely get out of this one?? As it happened, I couldn’t think on my feet and so ended up taking it to the counter and handing over my cash. My expectations were that most of the book would go over my head.
I can’t really tell you too much about the premise of the book except to say, it is about a mathematician who is also a father and a husband. He isn’t doing too well at the latter two but reckons he’s got the first bit cracked. You will need to suspend reality. It includes maths and aliens and some poetry. Chic lit it is not.
I started reading the book in the hairdressers on Thursday afternoon and- honestly, if I hadn’t been there for a couple of hours with a head full of foils I think it would have been resigned to ‘the pile’. I loved the preface but it took me at least 70 pages to get into and I regularly felt that I was a bit too stupid for it, but, I am so so glad I persevered. More thanks to the hair appointment than any genuine persistence on my part.
It turned out to be one of the most touching, poignant, sad and beautiful books I have read. It captures perfectly the complexity of what it is to be human. Our need to love and be loved, the weird fact that we do so many things to make ourselves happy which we know, do not.
By the beginning of Part II, I was totally sold and, have found it impossible to find a quote which does not become a paragraph and then a chapter which would become me simply re-writing the whole book here for you and that my friends is called plagiarism. It is frowned upon. Matt Haig, the author, manages to write as if he is watching the family from an entirely different reality. The everyday, mundane tasks are given beautiful descriptions and the book made me look at life, my day-to-day life, in a beautiful rose-tinted hue.
If you are feeling tired and careworn and in need of reminding that, generally speaking the world is a good place, read this book. The chapter ‘Advice for a Human’ had me in tears.
Thanks Michael for the recommendation and Thank-you fate for the hair appointment!
ISBN: 9780552547086

ISBN: 9780552547086

This book has been recommended to us by lots of people and I feel like we have barely dipped our teeny toes in the possibilities of it. It is fantastic!
You Choose is such a brilliant idea. I absolutely adore hearing the big little talking to her toys and making up games and stories for her and her sister each morning before Mr L or I head in to see them but, when I ask directly her to make a choice without giving her any examples she struggles- who doesn’t. You Choose takes away the pressure of pulling an idea out of the air as they have put hundreds of possibilities down on each page so, it is like reading a new book every time you open it. And, as your child’s imagination and knowledge of the world around them grows, so will the stories that you can create together.
So far we have:

  • Been to the moon with a pirate.
  • Lived in a Mushroom and a lighthouse.
  • And eaten lots of sausage and mash.

There is no set way to use this book so the possibilities are almost endless. You could build your story using the suggestions throughout the book or focus on just one or two pages.
I guarantee this will give you gallons of giggles and will provide opportunities to talk about loads of interesting topics with your toddler which will help you to learn more about each other and will leave you amazed with the amount going on in their minds.
Well done Nick and Pippa. I loved this book and think the girls are quite into it too!!
If I have tempted you to go out and buy them, please check here for your local shop, you know my views on Amazon don’t you?!
Have a wonderful weekend peeps…I’m off to a hen- I smell trouble!
Loads of Love
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