Yesterday, en route to a splendid date day Mr L and I were living the dream by listening to music of our choosing (turned up to 11) and, when the fancy took us, tuning into good old radio 4 for news updates and social commentary on issues of the day. Ah- small pleasures.
It was during one of these interludes that I discovered that Dyson- you know, the bag less vacuum cleaners, are 20 years old. Flipping heck, how time flies and all that.
This morning, as I waited for the bus I found myself sandwiched between a school girl and a lady who was in her mid 50’s perhaps. All of us got on the bus clutching our tablets, MP3’s and smart phones lest we should be detached from technology for any period of time.
Shortly I will be boarding the train to London to meet up with the other partners who are working on delivering the pilot of the iDEA’s Awards which are the brain child of The Duke of York and Nominettrust. image
We will be talking about the plans and prototypes for some mind blowing apps that we have received. It is the sort of stuff that you never knew you needed in your life until you saw it. (I so want to tell you about them but I don’t know how much say the Duke has re sending me to the tower or putting my head on a spike so you will have to wait for a separate post on this. It’s too risky).

One wrong word and this could be me...

One wrong word and this could be me…

In short, the world is chockablock full of unadulterated amazingness. For example, I just started typing the word chockablock into this post (which I am drafting in the notes section of my IPad) and it figured out I what I wanted to say after only typing the letters chockab. Incredible! That’s hardly a word as commonplace as some is it.
It got me to thinking about what my favourite inventions are, what still needs to be invented and, the stuff that exists which frankly, shouldn’t have been invented in the first place.
The Wheel: It would be easy here to go for all the buck Rodgers, super douper technology stuff now but frankly, I’m starting with the wheel. I’m on a bus now. Without them, it would be going somewhat slower. Great idea.
Teas made: How brilliant is it that you can set a timer so that when you wake up you are greeted by a piping hot cup of tea without even having to leave the comfort of your bed. How come these have been faded out? On a cold winter morning no one wants to be the one to head down to get out from under the duvet to head down to the kitchen to make a cuppa. I’m no statistician but, I think if we check, we will see that the rate of divorce has declined in line with the phasing out of the teas made. If there is no longer a machine available to do it for you, you may as well hang on to your other half so you can share the burden…*
Bring these back. Immediately.

Bring these back. Immediately.

Showers: Few things in life are as wonderful as a long, hot shower. Particularly if it is followed by a big, fluffy, warm towel. Further proof that it really is the simple things that matter. **
Wine: Obviously.
Need to be invented ASAP.
A real Pensieve:
In Harry Potter, Dumbledore has a Pensieve. A simply fantastic device which enables him to deposit thoughts and memories into little vials to get out, pour into a dish and ponder over when the need arises. Sheer brilliance. It also allows others to look at the memory and give their own thoughts on the matter if he allows. image
Whilst not quite as fantastical, I suppose that blogging is a sort of pensive. It enables me to get my rants and ramblings out of my head and onto the page so to speak and allows you to comment if you so wish (all very welcome btw!) but I can’t help feeling it would be even better if to read it you had to dip your head into a swirling vapour.
Idea Capturer:
In a similar vein, I often have my very best thoughts and ideas when I am out running or driving or generally in a space where my mind has time to wander and reboot. How amazing would it be if there was a way for you to send those thoughts and ideas to a device which could order and sort them into a usable plan for you to action when you got back. I just need to be able to send the blog posts and business plans and money making madcap schemes that float into my brain somewhere so that they don’t disappear into the ether to possibly get sucked into another persons brain who will action them. Pretty sure that’s how Google came up with the glasses idea.***
An ever lasting cup:
How brilliant would this be. A cup that you could fill with any drink and it would remain at the perfect temperature and never run out. The Mary Poppins bag of cups if you will. Get on it boffins. I need such things in my life.****
Shouldn’t even exist:
Human weighing scales:
Granted, they are handy for knowing how much your baby weighs at birth and car seats and medicine wise it seems that this is important information to have but, it seems to be that these devices bring misery to countless people every day.
New mums stress out a out how many grams have been gained by the baby and lost by them and I read a whole massive thread about a woman who feels leavers, stronger and fitter than ever before but was feeling like a failure because the scales told her to. Ridiculous. We don’t need to stand on a device to tell us whether to feel happy or sad for the rest of the day. If you need to book two seats on a plane, you probably already know that you need to make some changes- for the sake of your bank balance if nothing else. image
Nuclear Weapons:
Just because, they seem pretty dangerous. I think that we should stick to trying to talk things over. Possibly over a teas made.
What is your favourite invention and what do you think should never have got past he drawing board?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
* Absolutely no evidence for this.
** I say simple, I’d have no idea how to go about inventing us a shower if they didn’t already exist. Well done that person.
*** May not be strictly true.
**** Totally happy for you to share the glory and the profit for taking my ideas through to fruition. Generous aren’t I!

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  1. manchesterflickchick
    manchesterflickchick says:

    The pensive was always such a fantastic idea! A dictaphone? I’ve never used mine on the go as I would appear to be a self important journo (urgh) or schizophrenic (only slightly more preferable). The Bloke being 15 years older than me had to explain to me what exactly a teasmaid was/is (a frequent prize on most 80’s game shows apparently), oh wow! My invention: A mind screen which brings your thoughts up on a translucent screen in front of you, so it’s easier to see and sort them by swiping, a la Mission Impossible/Bourne. Random rude thoughts popping up might be a problem though x

  2. Denise (mum on a mission for a better life)
    Denise (mum on a mission for a better life) says:

    That teasmaid sounds fab, I wonder why they are no longer popular? If I could invent something it would be something you could stick in your garden which would guarantee that no wasps, bee’s or insects in general could bother me when I’m in the garden! That would be so cool although I’m sure some insect rights people somewhere would disagree lol! #sharewithme

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      There are those candles that say they keep insects away but they never really work and my blood must taste amazing because I always get bitten to pieces.

  3. mydaysni
    mydaysni says:

    Firstly, I would ask you to remove your derogatory remark about Marmite. Marmite is delicious!
    Secondly, if you could get someone to to pause time, or make an app so there were two of me, that would be great!
    I would even consider giving up Marmite in return for either of these!
    Cheers! #sharewithme

  4. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Hahaha I can’t stand marmite. It is gross. Not a fan of nutella either. Just seems weird on toast. hmm great inventions here, and funny ones too! I always think when I look at something that is new on the market why and how did that get approved. Like munchkin mesh weaning products. They are these little net like containers with a ring on it for baby’s first chunks to suck through. You put a banana or an orange in it and its safe as chunks won’t choke baby. Great idea but they are forever hard and impossible to clean so once you have used it once you mind as well have thrown a fiver in the trash. I had a few bought for me and they are a nightmare. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  5. Debs
    Debs says:

    Hello! Enjoyed reading your post 🙂 A teasmaid – why don’t I have one of those? I would like there to be an alarm clock that not only rings but physically pulls you out of bed. Not for me though – I am usually up early and if perhaps I was tempted to lie in, there is a lovely little boy that will wake me 🙂 No, the alarm clock would be for my husband who is unfortunately quite shocking at getting out of bed in the morning!

  6. ~Merlinda~ (@pixiedusk)
    ~Merlinda~ (@pixiedusk) says:

    I just really always wanted a Teleporter. I am scared of flying and I could use one to go and visit home that i havent seen in 4 years =(
    I wish they didnt invent? Hmmm… like you I dont want any war weapon. So something like nuclear or biological weapons. Or any weapon of mass destruction. They are bad!

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      That would be ace. I’d love a teleporter. Weapons are generally bad but, I did very well at clay pigeon shooting so I would like a gun…only for good things!!


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