I am drafting this from a waiting room in number 10 Downing Street.
Obviously, at some point, when I become the next female prime minister, this will be commonplace and won’t warrant an over excited blog post about the fact that I’m basically at the Prime Ministers house but for now, I am pretty darn thrilled to be here about to take part in a discussion on how we can get more women and girls into code.
So far there have been no In the Thick of it situations, nor have I seen Dave shimmy down the stairs like Hugh Grant in Love Actually. Sad in a way.
In order to get in here I had to manoeuvre my way through a crowd of Japanese tourists, one of whom was wearing waterproof show covers.
Let’s just take a moment to think about the sheer ridiculous ness of this shall we…a covering for shoes incase they get wet…
**short break to allow for change in tone**
Oh, hello again, it’s me writing from my far, far less lofty perch of the dingy pub in Euston station as I wait for my train home.
Moments after I drafted the paragraphs above a little man came over to ask me what meeting I was there for. I informed him that I was meeting about women in tech with Daniel somebody and he sort of shuffled about a bit before informing me that the meeting had in fact been moved and had already happened. This morning. WHAT?!?
As I was wafting around my friends gorgeous house the very meeting that I came all the bloody way down to London for was happening. Without me.
There are very, very few things these days that can make me feel like an utter dickhead but, leaving Downing Street in the pouring rain approximately 15 minutes after I’d arrived in a bubble of excitement and self-importance is one of them.
The other my friends is getting a heel stuck in an escalator and having to be unceremoniously rescued after setting off the alarm in a packed Waterloo Station.
Somebody pass the gin.
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  1. fashion-mommy
    fashion-mommy says:

    Oh dear – what a terrible day. Did they not let you know about the change in the meeting time? Wouldn’t surprise me if they hadn’t tbh.
    Great post though, and am giggling about the alarm.

  2. sophieblovett
    sophieblovett says:

    How annoying!!! I think I might have insisted on having an impromptu meeting anyway, though I suppose kicking up a fuss in Downing Street would probably get you arrested… On a different note, maybe there’s someone in Japan who might be interested in fashioning some escalator-proof heel covers..? Sorry you had such a pants day, but thank you for making me smile 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Ha ha!! Love the idea of the heel covers. I thought about an impromptu meeting but I was just flabbergasted tbh. I am having a telephone call next week so all is not lost. X

  3. Honest Mum
    Honest Mum says:

    Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that but how impressive to be invited, there will be other opportunities. My parents attended a party not long ago there with regards to their charity work. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  4. ghostwritermummy2014
    ghostwritermummy2014 says:

    That is awful! Why did nobody tell you?! You poor thing 🙁 I would not be laughing about that and I would be personally blaming David Cameron for rudeness. Glad you managed to sort of hold your head up high 😀
    x x x

  5. Sophie at Franglaise Cooking
    Sophie at Franglaise Cooking says:

    Oh no, what a disappointment, and talk about the icing on the cake with your shoe! But on the bright side you can say that you’ve been inside 10 Downing Street, which is far more than most of us I’m guessing 😉


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