Firstly, I am very sorry I’m late. It is not my fault. I blame Bluestone. A sort of Welsh Centreparcs with poor wifi. I was ready but I couldn’t upload- lesson learned people. Sorry…
Here goes…
I’ll be honest, I am looking for some new greetings for these posts. I can’t carry on giving you a hi, Happy Saturday or a Yo Yo Yo each time I put up a new blog can I- it is the way I talk though and I don’t want to just launch into my topic without a welcome. Let me know how you’d like to be greeted going forwards!
Anyway, we are now into week 6 of my book reviews. I am always on the look out for good books for the girls and I to read so please, hit me with your thoughts and suggestions.
For now though, as I chill with my girlies young and less young at Bluestone, here’s the low down on the books we e been loving this week:
One for You:
Cave Baby.Cave baby. Julia Donaldson
I’m annoyed about this. I promised myself that I would stay away from the most popular authors and well known books but, as my babies become more vocal and vivacious they make their feelings known about what is flavour of the week and this week, Cave Baby is a firm favourite. Again!!
Cave Baby is one of our absolute and long term favourites. It was given to the big little on the momentous occasion of her birth and we have been reading it since then!!
Written by the mother of all childrens writers, Julia Donaldson and brilliantly illustrated by Emily Gravett, this never gets dull. The whole family Leary think this is brilliant.
There is a lot of humour in the pictures and the rhyming nature of the story means that it moves along at a good pace.
I am presuming that this was researched in partnership with Tony Robinson and the rest of the Time Team contingent and so we can now reliably conclude that kids have always scribbled on walls. Since the beginning of time. Hooray, it’s not only a short coming of mine! Cave baby, Julia Donaldson
The story is about a little baby who lives with his mum and dad in a cave and loves painting, not always in the best places. One night, when he can not sleep, he is taken from his cave by a mammoth; does he get thrown to the big brown bear?!?
Well, without giving too much away, this is a children’s book so being mauled by a ravenous animal isn’t on the agenda. I don’t think I’ve ruined the ending for anyone by saying that.
We have read this book hundreds of times and will read it hundreds more. It is perfect for girls and boys up to around 5 or six as they can shout out the words, wag their fingers and get involved.
Although less well known than the Gruffalo it is just as good. Get it!
One for Me:
What with the furore of Michael Gove removing certain books from the GCSE syllabus I thought this week I would revisit one of my top 10 books of all time…maybe top 5…
To Kill A Mockingbird. By Harper Lee. A brief aside, The Beckhams got a lot of grief over the name Harper when their daughter was born but, this novel was written in 1960 so, you know, they weren’t being all new and trendy. I like it.
Anyway, I adore this book. I love the names, Atticus, Scout and Jem. I love the way that the story is told through the eyes of a child and I love the vivid descriptions of the smallest of details.
For anyone that hasn’t read this, To Kill a Mockingbird tells the story of Scout, the young daughter of Atticus Finch who is a lawyer representing a black man accused of raping a white woman.
It is set in the 1930’s, a time when racism and division was the horrible norm and, seeing it throughout he eyes of a child, it is exposed as exactly as inexplicable as it was and sadly still is in some places.
I first read this book some 20 years ago and have read it two or three times since then. I know I will read it again in the future because the writing is sublime. I can feel the heat of the Alabama summer, I can totally understand why Scout wants to scrap and I absolutely wish I could re-live the Summer holidays that every child enjoys. I only wish we’d had a neighbour as interesting as Boo Radley!
In short, if you haven’t read this- read it.
If you have read it- read it again!
Loads of love,

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    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      Well, that’s the important thing. Hope you get round to it and enjoy. I have so many classics to read- retirement will be busy I reckon…just the 30 years to go!

  1. Emma Perry | My Book Corner
    Emma Perry | My Book Corner says:

    I like discovering new, slightly quirky books for little ones too … but sometimes you just can’t go passed a great creation from someone like Julia!!
    PS Love Mockingbird – I imagine many young readers will be getting this one as a gift now that it has been removed from the curriculum.


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