I know that we are now mid way through January but today, for me is D day! A day for clearing out the remainder of the Christmas clutter and embracing the space that decluttering affords. Shortly after New Year it is our youngest’s birthday so celebrations don’t stop come the 2nd! This weekend has been jam packed with parties, pantos and playdates not to mention cake, carbs and a cancelled Parkrun ☹ it is time to hit 2020 head on and I am so ready!

This time next week I will be hosting the first TLC workshop of 2020, catchily titled 2020 Vision which is all about setting goals and intentions for the year ahead through vision boarding and, in preparation, I have been setting my own SMART goals for the coming year.

Part of my role as a coach is to act as a client’s accountability partner and sometimes ask the difficult questions when they aren’t taking the steps or making the progress that they could be.

My weekly check in blog post is where I will share my progress towards my own goals and hold my hands up if I’ve hit the skids. Sharing goals and intentions is a brilliant way of not falling off the wagon because you have people supporting and encouraging you and possibly- if your friends and family are anything like mine, tongue-in-cheek teasing if you look like you’re not hitting your targets.

Health and Fitness:

  1. I will run a half marathon in under 2hours
  2. I will complete the Swim Serpentine 2 mile open water challenge in September
  3. As a family we will cut out meat from our diet Monday to Friday
  4. I will be considerate of how I fuel my body and brain by drinking at least 3l water a day and reducing the amount of alcohol I drink
  5. I will put my phone on flight mode 9pm-9am

Career and Business:

  1. I will publish a weekly podcast which is frank, fearless, open and honest. We will discuss issues around mental health, parenting, coaching and what makes others feel their best through fun and engaging guests.
  2. I will publish a weekly blog specific to my goals and accountability
  3. I will develop my coaching work getting more 1:1 clients
  4. I will hold a minimum of 5 workshops over the course of the year
  5. I will continue to market my book and seek funding for workshops
  6. I will develop worthwhile partnerships and collaborations only if they fit my own aims and ethics and I will regularly ask ‘To what end?’ ie- will me doing X bring me closer to my goal of Y

Family and Relationships:

  1. I will try not to use my phone between 9pm and 9am be present with the girls and Adam and read more
  2. I will keep a daily gratitude diary
  3. I will prioritise time as a couple and time as a family each week
  4. I will keep in touch with my extended family via messages and calls.

So, they are a selection of my goals for the year ahead all of which are ‘SMART’ S- specific M- measurable A- achievable (but ambitious) R- relevant and T- time bound and can be incorporated in a vision board but, what is a vision board and what is the point in them?!

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a selection of words and images which relate specifically to a goal or goals you want to work towards. You can easily do them online via sites like pintrest but I am ALL about the crafting! This way it becomes a more focused and mindful activity, not mindless scrolling and liking. The time and concentration needed for the cutting, the sticking and most importantly the thinking, that goes along side that.It is about giving yourself permission to set aside some uninterrupted time to consider what is important to you, what that means in terms of goals and what you’re going to do to take you closer to achieving that goals. A virtual board just doesn’t have the same gravitas for me.

What a vision board isn’t!

As beautiful as they may be, a vision board isn’t magic. An afternoon with a brew, a gluestick and a stack of magazines will not turn your goals into a reality BUT- it will act as a powerful prompt to keep you on track. Keep your board somewhere prominent (mine is on my dressing table), seeing your words and images daily and saying your affirmations out loud to yourself (with conviction- you’ll get used to it!!) is a really proactive, positive and powerful way to start and end the day.

The idea is that the board you have created will nudge you to take action to reach those targets- it is a brilliant feeling knowing that each day you are taking positive action to move you closer to your end goal. I hate getting into bed at the end of the day if I haven’t done something which I KNOW is helping me to achieve the goals I’ve shared with you above. Seeing the board as I hop into bed will either be a YEY ME moment or a reminder that I need to do better tomorrow.

I would love to know what your goals are and, if you’d like to clarify your aims and aspirations for 2020 come along to my 2020 Vision workshop on Sunday 19th January, it would be lovely to see you there and support you to realise your ambitions.

Much love,


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