In my previous post, I wrote about goals, vision boards and accountability which, is a key element of coaching; asking clients to take responsibility for their actions and, if there is a lack of action, working through the reasons behind that.

This weekly round up is where I hold myself to account, celebrate successes and recognise when I haven’t made the progress that I could have. Some weeks will inevitably be better than others but, I promise to be open and honest because, if I’m not, I am doing two things:

1) Fooling myself- and, at the end of the year when I’ve skirted around the reality, let myself off the hook and not put in the hard yards, I won’t be where I wanted to be and I will be gutted. I know from experience that this feels RUBBISH and can lead to all of the nasty, negative brain worms that I don’t need or want. You might know them- disappointment spiralling into low self worth, self esteem and low mood. It’s shit and with effort, for me at least, it is avoidable or can at least be minimised.

2) Lying to you – If I ignore the challenges and failures which I am bound to face (because, yano…life!) then rather than being motivational, when you face your own issues and barriers you might feel alienated and alone. Progress is not linear, we all have set backs and it is the getting up and going again that is the most important thing. Don’t get sucked into the vortex of comparison- SM and insta life rarely shows the set backs but they are there, for everyone, I promise.

So, with that in mind, here’s week ones progress report:


This week I have been knackered and have definitely not trained as well as I could have. The girls gym class was cancelled and mine was fully booked so instead of finding an alternative we skipped the session. On the plus side, I did swim yesterday even though I hadn’t immac’ed, even though I’m on my period and feeling like a hairy whale and even though I knew that the pool would be cold! As always, once in, I loved it and managed some front crawl so, WINNING and I have been to the gym today and trained hard but still, defo much room for improvement.

From a diet point of view I have only had one serving of meat so far this year and that was at Hannah’s request for her birthday meal. I am surprised to find I’m not missing it and that there are loads of quick and easy alternatives such as: mushroom risotto, lentil shepherds pie and a family fave, mac and cheese. Sadly I am celebrating this success with chocolate, cheese and unrefined white carbs so I need to take that in hand pronto. Another win though- only one glass of wine this week and, with hind sight I easily could have done without that.

Last point here, I’ve spent less time on my phone. I put it on flight mode in the evenings and don’t check it until after the school run which has freed up loads of time for reading actual books- not screens and has made it easier to wind down for bed.

Finances (OR Career and Business):

A fab week on this score, I am really loving doing the podcast– it is raw, unedited and probably a bit rough around the edges but I really enjoy sharing my ramblings and opinions. The second episode is available now via soundcloud so give it a listen and a like (only if you do like it!) We have booked in some guests who are all women that I find fabulous, frank, funny and fierce so I am really excited to see how they are received.

I was really chuffed this week to receive a bottle of champagne from one of my coaching clients as a ‘Thank-you’ which is amazing because the hard work is all them. I am absolutely LOVING this work, it is an absolute privilege that people chose me to share their dreams and ambitions with. Allowing yourself to be totally honest and vulnerable is a big deal and sessions can be challenging and emotional. It isn’t easy but, I know from personal experience that it is so worthwhile. I have capacity for 1:1 clients at the moment and will be working on my how to promote that further in the coming weeks.

A fantastic fizzy thank you!

I am super excited to be hosting my first workshop this weekend and am really looking forward to seeing what comes up for people. The gluesticks, scissors and magazines are ready to go and I can’t wait to share the afternoon with all those booked on. Bring on the crafting and conversation.

I have made enquiries about possible new stockists for my book and have got a few couple of nice collaborations in the pipeline but I have AGAIN, not completed my funding application which I hope will allow me to host free workshops for new mums in the region and do further research on the impact that it has on attachment and mums mental health. I HAVE GOT TO GET MY FINGER OUT ON THIS- Call me out on it if I don’t mention it next week please.

Family & Friends:

Getting back into the swing of things is always tricky after Christmas I think and, with 2 extra after school clubs to factor in things have been a little tired and tetchy this week. Mr L and I have passed like ships in the night so family wise things could have been better. On the plus side though the girls are thrilled to be back at brownies and where I have been flagging I have been inspired not to throw the towel in thanks to Mr L’s consistent efforts with exercise so that’s really encouraged me. We both have races and events booked in for later in the year so we need to keep each other going- this week was his turn!

That’s me for this week ladies and gents! A 6.5 out of 10 sort of week I reckon- not an unmitigated disaster by any means but I know I can be more on it more consistently so, that’s next weeks aim- What’s yours? Drop me a line or leave a comment, I’d love to know how your week’s been and what your goals are.

Much Love,

Tan. x

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