Last week I read a brief but brilliant post from one of my good friends Emma Adams.

Emma is a mum of two, small business owner and master juggler of family, first aid and all of the life admin that comes with adulting. She is used to the day to day parent juggle and yet her post said- and I am paraphrasing here, At the moment my kids are my absolute priority so I am putting business bits on the back burner and focusing all of my time, energy and attention on my family. I will be back but, for now this is where my gut tells me I need to be.

Massive standing ovation for the openness and honesty of this post- I LOVE IT. This is Emma’s USP- She is upfront, open, honest and totally authentic and you can not fail to be aware that Little Lambs First Aid exists to enable her to be there for her flock so, this decision fits 100% with the ethos of her business.

It made me think- How many people are still battling with the anxiety of trying to juggle parenting, working and managing in a period of extreme stress and uncertainty?

My guess is thousands.

So, prompted by Emma’s post, I want to remind you that, If the juggle is a struggle it is OK to put down some of the balls.

I know that sounds like a really trite analogy but- this is hard. Yes ,there are positives; Yes this may be a time to take stock and make plans but equally, it may be a time that we simply need to get through in which ever way works for us. Let’s not kid ourselves- this is not some kind of magical and much longer for sabbatical so;

If there are elements that you can pair back give yourself permission to do that. It doesn’t mean you’re failing, it means you are mindfully adjusting to the circumstances and giving yourself and your family the best possible chance of managing this period.  

I know that we are not all in the position where it is possible to simply shut up shop but we are all in a position to adjust our sails and work differently if we need to.

If that means saying no to making up 20 questions to complete another Zoom call quiz, so be it.

If that means saying no to formal home schooling in favour of BBC Bitesize, Youtube and free time in the garden…SO BE IT.

If that means scheduling Facetime with family where they do an hour of learning and catching up and you have some time out…SO BE IT (there are loads of resources out there for this if you think that some parameters would be useful).

If the juggle is a struggle now, more than ever it is really, truly OK to put down some of the balls.

Much Love,

Tanya. XxxxX

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