Picking home schooling back up after opting to take the two week Easter holiday has been tough. Really tough! The girls haven’t been as engaged as they were pre break, I have more work on than I did before (wich is great) the weather is gorgeous (which is a massive blessing) we have a new puppy to play with (who is totally dreamy!) In short, there has been more ‘life learning’ than curated curriculum over the past week or so and I have been giving myself a bit of a hard time about it because… expectations and mum guilt. And then, as I was searching for something on my laptop, I came across this poem that I wrote for new mums and realised;- It isn’t just for new mums- it’s for me, it is for all mums, for all parents.

I can only be me, my kids can only be them and we can only do our best at any given moment given the tools that we have SO- If you need to see this today, this is for you.

Big Love,

Tan. xx

When a baby is born, so is a mother

Each one unique, quite unlike any other.

You can read all the books,

Soak up all the advice,

But this is your journey,

Your one crack at life.

So this is some guidance, a plea from your babe.

Some super top tips, on how to behave.

I don’t care if it’s bottle or straight from your breast,

To sip with a cuddle is what I love best.

So cuddle me Muma and let us just be.

You can only be you and I can only be me.

The time will soon come for the rush and routine,

The school clubs, the playdates, the list is obscene.

So rest with me Muma and let us just be.

You can only be you and I can only be me.

You won’t get it all right but I know that you’re trying,

There’s bound to be days when we both end up crying!

But that is life Muma, the ups and the downs

And my highs are much higher when you are around.

So laugh with me Muma and let us just be.

You can only be you and I can only be me.

Look after you Muma, Don’t burn yourself out.

It just makes you all cranky and more likely to shout.

Pick up the phone or go out for a run,

When you’re feeling like you we have so much more fun.

So remember that Muma and we’ll be okay

We can always hit ‘reset’ if we have a bad day.

Be gentle Muma, with you, not just me,

We’re only just learning what this life can be.

So grow with me Muma and let us just be,

You can only be you and I can only be me.

You’re doing a great job Muma.


Tanya Leary

March 2020

PS- I have been talking to a brilliant small business about a collaboration so fingers crossed I will have some news re my verses being available to purchase… give me a heads up if that would be of interest… I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    • Mumaleary
      Mumaleary says:

      It is really hard isn’t it. Somedays seem to go ok and on others it can feel like you’re pushing water uphill with a rake. Be gentle, you’re doing your best. x


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